MGA Operations Committee Meeting (21-22 October 2017)

Final Agenda Approval: 22 October 2017
Jersey City New Jersey USA
Hyatt Jersey City

21-22 October 2017
Action Agenda
#TimeSubmitterTypePresenterAgenda ItemSupporting Documents
108:00_ProceduralBastiaansWelcome and Introductions (COMPLETED) 
208:10Chair_VPDiscussionRandallMGA Strategy
  1. MGA Strategy and Direction
308:30Chair_VPDiscussionWongMGA Past VP Observations/Comments (COMPLETED) 
408:45MGA BdDiscussionRandall/Jankowski2017 MGA Successes
2017 Priority Projects Review
509:05MGA FCDiscussionCooper/BolschMGA/IEEE Finances (COMPLETED)
  1. MGA and Geo Unit Finance Discussion and Update
  2. IEEE Ad Hoc Report
  3. 2017 MGA TCS-EFS
609:35Chair_VPDiscussionBastiaansMGA VP-Elect 2018 Focus (COMPLETED) 
709:50MGA OCProcedural--Break (COMPLETED) 
810:10MGA OCDiscussionAllDiscuss 2018 Priority Projects
- 2017 Projects to Continue
- Non Priority but Continuing Projects
- Viability of New Projects (IN PROCESS)
  1. 2018 MGA Proposed Priority Projects
  2. 2017 Projects
911:40MGA OCDiscussionAllSections Congress Recommendations
- Look at Viability of each
- Appoint MGA Lead Volunteer/Staff
- Identify OU Partners (COMPLETED)
  1. IEEE SC Recommendations
  2. Sections Congress Recommendations
1012:00MGA OCProcedural--Lunch (COMPLETED) 
1113:00MGA SDEADiscussionPolavarapuMGA and Industry Engagement/Corporate Membership (COMPLETED)
  1. MGA and Industry Engagement/Corporate Membership
  2. MGA and Industry Engagement/Corporate Membership
1213:20VC MDDiscussionPalacio/Polavarapu/DayStudent Activities Priority Project (COMPLETED) 
1313:40MGA OCDiscussionCooper/Green/Jankowski/BolschMGA Conference Strategy (COMPLETED) 
1414:10MGA SDEADiscussionPolavarapuSDEA Projects
- India
- Careers (COMPLETED)
  1. India Project
1514:30MGA OCMotionAllEndorse 2018 Priority Projects (IN PROCESS) 
1614:45MGA OCProcedural--Break (COMPLETED) 
1715:15MGA OCDiscussionJankowski/SinauskasSections Congress 2020
- Format
- Location
1815:15Chair_VPDiscussionBastiaans2018 MGA February Board Retreat  
1915:15Chair_VPDiscussionRandall/BastiaansNovember 2017 MGA Board Meeting  
2015:15MGA OCProcedural--Adjournment  

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Chair_VPMGA Chair / VP-MGA
MGA FCMGA Finance Committee
MGA OCMGA Operations Committee
MGA SDEAMGA Strategic Direction and Environmental Assessment Committee
VC MDVC-Member Development
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