MGA Board Retreat and Orientation (15 February 2018)

Final Agenda Approval: 15 February 2018
Lake Buena Vista FL USA
Walt Disney World Swan & Dolphin Resort

15 February 2018
8am - 5pm

Action Agenda
#TimeSubmitterTypePresenterAgenda ItemSupporting Documents
108:00_DiscussionBastiaans/AllWelcome and Introductions  
208:20_DiscussionBastiaansRetreat Objectives / 2018 Desired Outcomes
  1. Board Retreat
308:30_Discussion--Communicating our values to leaders of Geo-units and Members
508:45_DiscussionAllDiscussion in Break-out Groups  
610:00_DiscussionGroup PresentersReporting back  
810:45_Discussion--SC 2017 Top Recommendation #3: Strengthen industry and academia collaboration at Section level  
910:45_DiscussionCustovicIntroduction by Eddie Custovic, Chair of IEEE Industry Engagement Committee
  1. IEEE Industry Engagement Committee
1011:00_DiscussionAllDiscussion in Break-out Groups
Strengthen and recognize Industry/Academia/Government Collaboration/Partnerships.
- Create a Section Award for Industry/Academia/Volunteer collaboration.
- Organize multidisciplinary Industry/Academia/Government events focused on 'hot' issues.
- Develop a public communications platform to develop projects and share results.
- Create a 'dating' platform to communicate industry issues searching for solutions and possible 'applications' of research results.
1111:45_DiscussionGroup PresentersReporting back  
1313:00_Discussion--SC 2017 Recommendation #2: STEM activities to pre-college students at Section level
1413:00_DiscussionMoeschIntroduction by Jamie Moesch, Managing Director of IEEE Educational Activities
  1. IEEE Educational Activities
1513:15_DiscussionAllDiscussion in Break-out Groups
Develop (or expand existing) training programs and/or create partnerships with external organizations to allow members to provide STEM activities to pre-college students.
Provide 'canned' or 'in a box' style demonstrations and presentations that local Sections can deliver to pre-college students.
Re-evaluate a 'Junior IEEE' membership program targeted at pre-college students.
1614:00_DiscussionGroup PresentersReporting back  
1714:15_DiscussionRandallPast VP - MGA Strategic Planning Committee
  1. Strategic Planning Presentation
1915:15_DiscussionJensenVC Geographic Unit Operations - Geographic Unit Operations Support Committee
  1. Geographic Unit Operations Support
2015:45_DiscussionPolavarapuVC Member Development - Member Engagement and Life Cycle Committee
  1. Member Development
2116:15_DiscussionLamoureuxVC Information Management - IT Coordination and Oversight Committee
  1. Information Management
2418:30_Info--Dinner at Cooper's Hawk Restaurant
Meet on ground floor near reception at 6:00pm
or meet at restaurant at 6:30pm
  1. Dinner at Cooper's Hawk

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