IEEE Conferences Committee Monthly WebEx

Final Agenda Approval: 18 September 2019


18 September 2019
10am - 11am (ET)

Action Agenda
#TimeSubmitterTypePresenterAgenda ItemSupporting Documents
110:00IEEE CONProceduralZhaoRoll Call & Welcome (COMPLETED) 
210:05IEEE CONProceduralZhaoReview of Agenda (COMPLETED) 
310:10IEEE CONInfoZhaoChair Introductory Remarks (COMPLETED)
  1. PPT - Welcome
410:15IEEE CONInfoZhaoTCS Update (COMPLETED)
  1. PPT - TCS
510:25IEEE CONInfoSchindlerBrief Committee Report: Conference Nominations, Appointments and Recommendations Committee on Member-at-Large Nominations & Process (COMPLETED)
  1. PPT - CNAR - Member-at-Large
610:35IEEE CONInfoSchindlerRevisions to PSPB Manual on Peer Review (COMPLETED)
  1. PPT - Revisions PSPB Manual
710:45IEEE CONDiscussionZhaoDiscussion Topic - Conference Alternatives: Remote Conference Participation:
- should we allow conferences being conducted mainly by Skype or other online means (voice over ppt)
- for conferences conducted by Skype or other online means, should we allow the papers go to Xplore
- related guidelines and policy to encourage or discourage such practice (COMPLETED)
  1. PPT - Discussion
810:55IEEE CONProceduralZhaoWrap-Up (COMPLETED)
  1. PPT - Wrap Up
911:00IEEE CONProceduralZhaoAdjourn - Next Meeting
Wednesday, 16-Oct-2019 from 5pm-6pm (ET) held via WebEx (COMPLETED)
Reference: Supplemental Reports
#TimeSubmitterTypePresenterAgenda ItemSupporting Documents
501 --- IEEE CONInfoDantasNew IEEE PowerPoint presentation template - For this meeting use Streamlined/basic format
- Microsoft PowerPoint - WIDESCREEN Display (16:9 aspect ration)
  1. PPT TEMPLATE - Widescreen

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