TAB Strategic Planning Committee (TAB Committee Series)

Final Agenda Approval: 28 September 2019
Portland OR United States

28 September 2019

Pre Meeting Items
#TimeSubmitterTypePresenterAgenda ItemSupporting Documents
009:00TAB SPCInfo-Web and Teleconference Information
  1. Dial in Information
Action Agenda
#TimeSubmitterTypePresenterAgenda ItemSupporting Documents
109:00TAB SPCMotion-Approve Agenda (PASSED) 
209:00TAB SPCMotion-Approve Minutes (PASSED)
  1. Draft Minutes v5
309:00TAB SPCDiscussionLandWelcome and Introductions (COMPLETED)
  1. Voting Members including proposed 2020 composition
409:05IEEE AdhocDiscussionGoldsmithIEEE Board Ad Hoc on Diversity, Inclusion, and Profession Ethics socialization of changes proposed to the IEEE BoD (PASSED)
  1. CDIE Request for TAB SPC Support on 3 Board Motions (Presentation)
  2. Diversity Statement
  3. Diversity Statement Background
  4. Ethics Processes Revision
  5. Code of Ethics Revision
  6. Code of Ethics Revision Background
  7. Motion in PowerPoint Form
509:45TAB SPCDiscussionOgorzalekMotion to Endorse TA Mission and Vision
  1. Proposed Mission and Vision with revised motion
610:00TAB SPCDiscussionFujiiMotion to Endorse TA Long and Short Range Goals
  1. Near and Long-Term Goals with Motion
710:30_Procedural-Break (COMPLETED) 
810:50TAB SPCDiscussionLuhTAB/PSPB Joint Strategic Activity
  1. TAB-PSPB Ad hoc: Pubs Strategic Plan document
  2. TAB-PSPB Shared Ad Hoc on Publishing Strategy (Presentation)
911:20TAB AdHoc MotionLuhMotion to Endorse TAB/PSPB Joint Strategy (PASSED)
  1. Motion in PowerPoint Form v2
1011:20TAB AdHoc DiscussionFujiiEndorse Transition of the IEEE Financial Transparency Committee to TAB Financial Transparency Three-Year Ad Hoc Committee (PASSED)
  1. Overview of Adhoc Plan v3
  2. Motion on Financial Transparency Adhoc
1112:00TAB SPCProcedural-Lunch (COMPLETED) 
1213:00TAB AdHoc MotionBoesl/DentEndorse the IEEE TechEthics Evolution Proposal (IN PROCESS)
  1. Joint SSIT/TechEthics Presentation re: TechEthics Evolution Proposal
1313:20IEEE SPCDiscussionLand/SchoberIEEE 2020-2025 Strategy & Strategic Alignment (PASSED)
  1. Preliminary IEEE Strategy Material
1414:20_Procedural-Break (COMPLETED) 
1514:30_DiscussionNew Business (COMPLETED) 
1614:50TAB SPCDiscussionLandChair Closing Remarks (COMPLETED)
  1. Volunteer Service
1715:00TAB SPCProcedural-Adjournment of TAB-SPC and then Convene Adhoc on Structure
(stay in the room)
1815:00TAB AdHoc DiscussionDiamond** ATTN: Voting Members of TAB-TMC

** TAB Adhoc on Structure and Constituents
  1. TAB Adhoc on Structure and Constituents Presentation
1917:00TAB AdHoc ProceduralDiamond** Adjornment of TAB Adhoc on Structure and Constituents

Next TAB Committee Meeting Series
10-12 January 2020
(FinCom, SPC, TMC)
Consent Agenda
#TimeSubmitterTypePresenterAgenda ItemSupporting Documents
201 --- TAB SPCInfo-Guidance and Templates for S/Cs Strategic Planning Support
  1. TA Strategic Plan Template
  2. TA Strategic Plan Guidance
Reference: Supplemental Reports
#TimeSubmitterTypePresenterAgenda ItemSupporting Documents
501 --- TAB TMCInfo-TAB Committee Series Agendas
  1. TMC Agenda Link
  2. FinCom Agenda Link
502 --- TAB SPCInfo-TA Operations Site | Strategy and SPC History
  1. TA Operations Site Strategy Pages
503 --- _Info-Link to Main TA Operations Info
  1. TA Operations Home
504 --- _Info-IEEE Strategy Page
  1. IEEE Strategy Pages

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