TAB Society and Council Review Committee Closed Meeting

Final Agenda Approval: 19 June 2019
Atlanta Georgia

TAB Society and Council Review Committee Business Meeting
Action Agenda
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108:30TAB SCRCDiscussionTarimWelcome and Introductions  
208:45TAB SCRCDiscussionTarimOverview of Agenda

• Review of today’s agenda
• General comments
• Action items from previous meeting (Jessica)
• Updates from TMC
• Other
  1. Action Items
309:45TAB SCRCDiscussionMany Names• Discussion on 2019 SCRC priorities (Tuna)
• Review of actions from February 2019 reviews (recommendations to TAB, actions to send documents to BUs, follow ups, etc.) (Tuna)
• FinCom discussion (all)
• Discussion on “education section” of the review (Saurabh)
411:00TAB SCRCInfobreakBreak  
511:15TAB SCRCDiscussionMcShaneCRFID report and next steps  
611:30TAB SCRCDiscussionDunlap YazujianStatus of effective practices, Top 5 Challenges, OU Analytics and Concur
  1. Web Link: Challenges
  2. Web Link: Effective Practices
  3. Web Link: OU Analytics
  4. Web Link: Concur Training Videos
712:00TAB SCRCDiscussionAllLunch  
813:00TAB SCRCDiscussionTarimReview of February survey responses, and actions to be taken
  1. Web Link: NPS Survey
  2. Web Link: GRS Survey
  3. Web Link: CAS Survey
  4. Web Link: Photonics Survey
913:30TAB SCRCDiscussionCeroneStaff feedback on June 2019 reviews  
1014:00TAB SCRCDiscussionAllBreak  
1114:15TAB SCRCDiscussionAllDiscussion on June 2019 reports  
1216:30TAB SCRCDiscussionAllNew business and adjourn  

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