TAB Periodicals Committee Meeting (June 2019)

Final Agenda Approval: 20 June 2019
Atlanta GA United States
Hilton Atlanta

19 June 2019; 1:00pm-5:00pm EDT
20 June 2019; 1:00pm-5:00pm EDT
Action Agenda
#TimeSubmitterTypePresenterAgenda ItemSupporting Documents
113:00TAB PCInfoLuhDAY ONE - WEDNESDAY, 19 JUNE 2019

213:00TAB PCProceduralLuhRoll Call and Welcome (COMPLETED) 
313:05TAB PCMotionLuhApprove consent agenda (PASSED) 
413:10TAB PCProceduralLuhReview and Adoption of Agenda (PASSED) 
513:15TAB PCInfoLuhChair's Introduction (COMPLETED)
  1. Presentation
613:20TAB PCMotionLuhApproval of February 2019 IEEE TAB Periodicals Committee Meeting Minutes (PASSED)
  1. Feb 2019 minutes
713:25TAB PCMotionLuhApproval of February 2019 IEEE TAB Periodicals Committee Executive Session Minutes (PASSED)
  1. Feb 2019 Executive session minutes
813:30TAB PCDiscussionLuhReview of Action items from February 2019 (COMPLETED)
  1. Action items from February 2019
913:35TAB PCMotionMalinowskiEndorsement of the Phase 2 Proposal for IEEE Journal of Emerging and Selected Topics in Industrial Electronics (PASSED)
  1. J-ESTIE_phase_two
  2. J-ESTIE_presentation
  3. J-ESTIE Motion
  4. J-ESTIE blog link
1013:55TAB PCExecutive SessionLuhExecutive Session (COMPLETED) 
1114:10TAB PCProceduralLuhVoting on Motion (COMPLETED) 
1214:15TAB PCDiscussionLuhStrategy Session (COMPLETED)
  1. Strategy session agenda
1317:00TAB PCProceduralLuhWednesday Evening recess (meeting reconvenes 1:00pm, Thursday) (COMPLETED) 
1513:00TAB PCProceduralLuhRoll Call and Welcome (COMPLETED) 
1613:05TAB PCMotionMeyyappan/Saha/ DahiyaEndorsement of Phase 1 Proposal for IEEE Journal on Flexible and Printed Devices (FAILED)
  1. FlexElec_Phase1_Proposal
  2. FlexElec_presentation
  3. J-FPD Motion
  4. J-FPD blog link
1713:20TAB PCMotionGoldfarbEndorsement of Phase 1 Proposal for IEEE Transactions on Quantum Engineering (FAILED)
  1. TQE_Phase1_Proposal
  2. TQE_presentation
  3. T-QE Motion
  4. T-QE blog link
1813:35TAB PCReportKirkiciReport of Vice-President - IEEE Publication Services and Products Board (PSPB) (COMPLETED)
  1. Presentation
1913:50TAB PCExecutive SessionLuhExecutive Session (COMPLETED) 
2014:15TAB PCProceduralLuhVoting on Motions (COMPLETED) 
2114:20TAB PRACReportEmeryTAB Periodicals Review and Advisory Committee Report (COMPLETED) 
2214:25TAB PRACMotionEmeryEndorse the following IEEE TAB Periodicals and Review Committee reports which have completed the review process:

• Transactions on Signal Processing
• Signal Processing Magazine
• Transactions Image Processing
• Signal Processing Letters
• Transactions on Audio Speech & Language Process
• Transactions on Information Forensics Security
• Journal on Selected Topics in Signal Processing
• SP summary
• Transactions on Biomedical Circuits and Systems (944) (CAS-40/EMB-180)
• Sensors Letters
• Sensors Journal
• SEN summary
• Transactions on Radiation & Plasma Medical Sciences (979) (NPS-50/EMB-180)
  1. 944 Transactions CAS
  2. 979 Transactions RPMS
  3. SEN39 Journal
  4. SEN39 Letters
  5. SEN39 Summary
  6. SP01 Journal STSP
  7. SP01 Magazine
  8. SP01 Letters
  9. SP01 Transactions ASLP
  10. SP01 Transactions IFS
  11. Motion to Approve F19 Review Documents
  12. SP01 Transactions IP
  13. SP01 Transactions SP
  14. SP Summary
  15. SP Transactions IP
  16. SP Transactions SP
2314:30TAB PCReportStoneProposal Development Committee (PDC) Chair's Report (COMPLETED)
  1. PDC Chair's Report
2414:35TAB PCDiscussionAttanasioPeriodicals Watch List

  1. Periodicals Watch List
2514:50TAB PCDiscussionLuh Strategy Session (COMPLETED)
  1. Strategy session agenda
2616:55TAB PCExecutive SessionLianPeriodicals Partnership Opportunities Committee (PPOC) Chair's Report (COMPLETED) 
2717:00TAB PCDiscussionLuhNew Business (COMPLETED) 
2817:05TAB PCInfoLuhNext meeting: 20-21 November 2019, Westin Boston Waterfront Hotel, Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Consent Agenda
#TimeSubmitterTypePresenterAgenda ItemSupporting Documents
201 --- TAB PCMotionAttanasioEndorsement of the update to the Voluntary and Overlength Page Charge (VPC/OPC) list (PASSED)
  1. Motion - VPC/OPC list
  2. VPC/OPC List
Reference: Supplemental Reports
#TimeSubmitterTypePresenterAgenda ItemSupporting Documents
501 --- TAB PCReportPastoreArticle Count Tracker  
502 --- TAB PCInfoShanmugavelCompilation of Proposal Blog Comments
  1. Proposal blog comments
503 --- TAB PCInfoShanmugavelLOI - IEEE Product Safety Magazine
  1. LOI_M_PSE
504 --- TAB PRACReportEmeryPRAC 5 Year Tracking Report
  1. PRAC Tracking Report 2019-2023

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