IEEE Computer Society Board of Governors Telecon

Final Agenda Approval: 10 May 2019

10 May 2019
3:30pm - 5:00 pm CEST

Action Agenda
#TimeSubmitterTypePresenterAgenda ItemSupporting Documents
103:30CS EXCOMProceduralMetraCall to Order (COMPLETED) 
203:30CS EXCOMProceduralLomet Roll Call (COMPLETED)
  1. Roll Call
303:31CS EXCOMProceduralLomet Introduction of Guests (COMPLETED)
  1. Expected Guest List
403:32CS EXCOMMotionMetraApproval of Agenda

503:33CS BOGReportMetraUpdates from the President (Introduction, February Election Rights Motion, Tsinghua Pubs Board February Vote, Awards, Service Survey, New STC/IEEE Future Directions Small Project Proposals, Women in Computing Initiatives, IEEE Education in Africa Initiative, Multilanguage Initiative, IEEE $1 Million Challenge) (COMPLETED)
  1. Presentation
603:53CS FIN COMMotionSerpanos, RussellFinancial Update and Finance Committee Motions

1. Motion on 2019 Budget Modifications
2. Motion on Sale of CS Los Alamitos Front Building (PASSED)
  1. 1. 2019 Budget Modifications Presentation with Motion
  2. 2. Building Presentation with Motion
704:13CS PEABReportUchiyamaUpdate from VP for PEAB (COMPLETED)
  1. Presentation
804:23CS SABReportMarianiUpdate from VP for Standards Activities (COMPLETED)
  1. Presentation
904:33CS T&CReportGroppUpdate from VP for T&C Activities  
1004:43CS PUBSReportLombardiUpdate from VP for Publications (COMPLETED) 
1104:53CS MGABReportZorianUpdate from VP MGA (COMPLETED)
  1. Presentation
1205:03CS BOGProcedural----Adjournment

The next Board of Governors meeting will be held on Thursday and Friday, 6-7 June 2019 at the Hyatt Regency Coral Gables.

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Agenda Sections
199Action Agenda
299Consent Agenda
399 Reference:Committee / Forum Reports
499 Reference:Reports from Representatives
599 Reference:Supplemental Reports
Submitter (column 3 of agenda)
CS BOGComputer Society Board of Governors
CS EXCOMComputer Society Executive Committee
CS FIN COMComputer Society Finance Committee
CS MGABComputer Society Member & Geographic Activities Board
CS PEABComputer Society Professional and Educational Activities Board
CS PUBSComputer Society Publications Board
CS SABComputer Society Standards Activities Board
CS T&CComputer Society Technical & Conference Activities Board
Supporting Documents (column 7 of agenda)
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