SSCS Summer AdCom 2019

Final Agenda Approval: 10 June 2019
Kyoto Japan
Rhiga Royal Hotel Kyoto

Monday, June 10, 2019

AdCom Breakfast Room Location: Fushimi-Tenjin Room

Committee Meeting Room Locations:
Membership and Education Committee - Otowa Room
Publications Committee - Takase Room
Conferences Committee - Fushimi-Tenjin Room

AdCom Lunch Location: Royal Ryuho

AdCom Meeting Room Location: La Mouettes

AdCom Dinner Location: Tankuma Kitamise
Action Agenda
#TimeSubmitterTypePresenterAgenda ItemSupporting Documents
108:00SSCS AdComInfoNoneBreakfast - Buffet Style, Fushimi-Tenjin Room  
208:30SSCS AdComDiscussionJohn Long, Bill Bowhill, Ali Sheikholeslami, and Patrick Yue Committee Meetings

Membership and Education Committee (Chaired by Patrick Yue and Ali Sheikholeslami) - Otowa Room , 8:30 AM - 11:30 AM

Publications Committee (Chaired by John Long) - Takase Room, 8:30 AM - 11:30 AM

Conferences Committee (Chaired by Bill Bowhill) - Fushimi-Tenjin Room, 8:30 AM - 11:30 AM
311:30SSCS AdComInfoN/ABreak  
412:00SSCS AdComInfoNone Lunch - Royal Ryuho Restaurant, Rhiga Royal Hotel  
513:00SSCS AdComInfoN/ABreak

AdCom Meeting Room Location - La Mouettes
613:30SSCS AdComInfoBram NautaPresident's Welcome  
713:40SSCS AdComMotionBram NautaApprove Agenda  
813:45SSCS AdComMotionBram NautaApproval of Prior Meeting's Minutes
  1. AdCom Minutes - 2019 February.pdf
913:50SSCS AdComReportWanda GassTreasurer's Report
  1. Finance Report - VLSI June 2019 MPK.pptx
1014:00SSCS Mtgs CommitteeReportBill BowhillSSCS Conferences Committee
  1. ADCOM Jun 10 Meeting Report to ADCOM Slides Bowhill.ppt
1114:15SSCS Pub CommitteeReportJohn Long Publications Committee
  1. jrl_Publications_Report_Adcom_20190609.pdf
1214:30SSCS MemReportPatrick Yue Membership Committee
  1. Survey-SSCS-2019-with-highlights.pdf
  2. Yue.Membership.Jun2019-v2.pptx
1314:45SSCS AdComProceduralNone Break  
1415:00SSCS AdComReportAli SheikholeslamiEducation Committee/Distinguished Lecturer Program
  1. Sheikholeslami.Education.06.10.19.pptx
1515:15SSCS CCReportStefan Rusu Chapters Committee
  1. Rusu_Chapters_update_June_2019.pptx
1615:25SSCS NCReportJan Van der Spiegel Nominations Committee
  1. VanderSpiegel.Nominations.June2019.pptx
1715:35SSCS ACReportJohn Corcoran Awards
  1. Corcoran_Awards 6-10-2019.ppt
1815:45SSCS AdComReportKen OCouncils, Committees, and Initiatives Briefing
  1. Councils Societies Technical Committees Initiatives Adcom Presentation June 10 2019.pptx
1916:00SSCS GOLDReportZeynep LulecYoung Professionals
  1. PreAdCom_Lulec_YP_2019_05.pptx
2016:10SSCS AdComReportAzita EmamiWomen in Circuits
  1. Emami Wang WiC June Adcom.pptx
2116:20SSCS AdComDiscussionKenneth OSSCS Bylaw's and Constitution Discussion
  1. Approved Version - SSCS Bylaws with Revision and Suggestions.docx
  2. Approved Version - SSCS Constitution with revision.docx
  3. Bylaws and Constitution Updates (1).pptx
2216:50SSCS AdComDiscussionBram NautaFinalize SSCS Mission, Vision, and Tagline
  1. Mission, Vision, Tagline.pptx
2317:20SSCS AdComInfoWanda GassFinancial Implications of this Meeting  
2417:30SSCS AdComProceduralBram NautaAdjournment  
2517:35SSCS AdComInfoN/ABreak  
2620:00SSCS AdComInfoN/AAdCom Dinner, Tankuma Kitamise, Rhiga Royal Hotel  

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SSCS AdComSSCS Administrative Committee
SSCS CCSSCS Chapters Committee
SSCS GOLDSSCS Graduates of the Last Decade
SSCS MemSSCS Membership Committee
SSCS Mtgs CommitteeSSCS Meetings Committee
SSCS NCSSCS Nomination Committee
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