IEEE Computer Society Board of Governors Meeting

Final Agenda Approval: 07 June 2019

06-07 June 2019
8:30 - 5:00pm EDT 6/6, 8:30 - 5:00pm EDT 6/7

Action Agenda
#TimeSubmitterTypePresenterAgenda ItemSupporting Documents
108:30CS BOGProceduralMetraCall to Order (COMPLETED) 
208:31CS BOGProceduralLometRoll Call (COMPLETED)
  1. Roll Call Information
308:32CS BOGProceduralLometIntroduction of Guests (COMPLETED) 
408:33CS BOGMotionMetraApproval of the Agenda

The Consent Agenda is approved with the approval of the agenda.
508:35CS BOGReportMetra, RussellReport of the President and
the Executive Director (COMPLETED)
  1. President's Presentation
  2. ED Presentation
609:20CS FIN COMReportSerpanos, HwangReport of the Treasurer and the Finance Director (COMPLETED)
  1. Presentation
709:50CS PLANReportDe FlorianiPlanning Committee Update (COMPLETED)
  1. Presentation
810:10CS BOGReportMetraSpecial Presentation from the President (COMPLETED) 
910:15CS BOGProcedural-------Break (COMPLETED) 
1010:35CS PEBReportUchiyama, HwangProfessional and Educational Activities Report
  1. Presentation
1111:00CS SABReportMariani, KellyStandards Activities Report (COMPLETED)
  1. Presentation
1211:25CS T&CReportGropp, Russell, KellyTechnical and Conference Activities Report
  1. Presentation
1311:50CS T&CDiscussionGroppT&C Board Recommendations
A. ICCV 2019 Budget Approval
B. Merger of Technical Committee on Digital Libraries into Technical Committee on Multimedia (COMPLETED)
  1. A. ICCV Budget
  2. B. TCDL recommendation
1412:10CS BOGDiscussionKackerUpdate on CS website (COMPLETED)
  1. Presentation
1512:30CS FELDiscussionMetraIEEE CS Fellow Evaluating Committee Motion Discussion (COMPLETED)
  1. Presentation
1612:45CS BOGProcedural---Lunch (COMPLETED) 
1714:00CS PUBSReportLombardi, RussellPublications Report (COMPLETED)
  1. Presentation
  2. Staff Presentation
1814:30CS PUBSDiscussionLombardiPublications Board Recommendations

A. Assessment of Two CS Periodicals
B. Proposed New (Hybrid and OA) Periodicals
C. Proposed 2020 CSDL Pricing and 2020 Periodical Pages, Pricing and Frequencies
D. Phase 2 Technical cosponsorship withdrawal from IEEE Journal of Emerging and Selected Topics in Industrial Electronics (JESTIE)
E. Phase 1: TAI (33.3 %) and TQE (TBD %)
F. Increased cosponsorship to IEEE TBD (+5%)
  1. A. Assessment of Two Publications
  2. B1. JCSOA Presentation
  3. B2. JSOAA Approved
  4. D. JESTIE Presentation
  5. C. 2020 CDSL Pricing and 2020 Periodicals Pages and Pricing
  6. E1. TAI Presentation
  7. E2. TQE Presentation
  8. F. TBD Presentation
1915:10CS BOGProcedural-----Break (COMPLETED) 
2015:30CS MGABReportZorian, BerkowitzMembership and Geographic Activities Report (COMPLETED)
  1. VP MGA Presentation
  2. Staff Presentation
2115:55CS MGABDiscussionBerkowitzRecommended 2020 CS Membership Fees (COMPLETED)
  1. Presentation
2216:05CS BOGDiscussionMetraDiscussion about Renaming of the Computer Pioneer Award (COMPLETED)
  1. Potential New Pioneer Award
2316:15CS PUBSExecutive SessionLombardiExecutive Session Begins

Discussion of Editor in Chief Appointment
A. Computer

Discussion of Editor in Chief Reappointments
B. Computing in Science and Engineering (CiSE)
C. IEEE Intelligent Systems
D. IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence (TPAMI)

2416:35CS NOM COMExecutive SessionKasaharaDiscussion of Computer Society 2019 Candidate Slate

Executive Session Ends

  1. Presentation
2516:55CS BOGDiscussionMetraSummary Remarks (COMPLETED) 
2617:00CS BOGProcedural-----Recess Until Friday, 7 June

(Meeting reconvenes at 8:30 am EDT on Friday) (COMPLETED)
2708:30CS BOGProceduralMetraMeeting Reconvenes (COMPLETED) 
2808:30CS BOGInfoMetraPresident's Introduction of Information Processing Society of Japan (IPSJ) representative (COMPLETED)
  1. Presentation
2908:35CS BOGInfoMinatoRemarks by IPSJ Board Member Dr. Shin-ichi Minato (COMPLETED) 
3008:50CS NOM COMMotionKasaharaApproval of 2019 Candidate Slate (PASSED)
  1. Candidate Slate for 2019
  2. Presentation with Motion
3109:00CS PUBSMotionLombardiApproval of Editor in Chief Appointment
1. Computer

Approval of Editor in Chief Reappointments

1. Computing in Science and Engineering (CiSE)
2. IEEE Intelligent Systems
3. IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence (TPAMI)

  1. Motions for Approval
3209:10CS FIN COMMotionSerpanosApproval of 2020 Budget (PASSED)
  1. Motion for Approval
  2. Treasurer's Presentation
3309:20CS PUBSMotionLombardiApproval of New Periodical (Hybrid and OA) Proposals
  1. Presentation with Motion
3409:25CS PUBSMotionLombardiApproval to Terminate Two CS Periodicals
  1. Approved LOCS motion
  2. Approved CAL motion
3509:40CS PUBSMotionLombardiApproval of 2020 CSDL Pricing and 2020 Periodical Pages, Pricing and Frequencies (PASSED)
  1. Presentation with Motion
3609:45CS PUBSMotionLombardiTechnical cosponsorship of IEEE Journal of Emerging and Selected Topics in Industrial Electronics (JESTIE) (PASSED)
  1. Presentation with Motion
3709:50CS BOGMotionLombardiApproval of Publications Board Motions

A. Phase 1: TAI (33.3 %) and TQE (TBD %)
B. Increased cosponsorship to IEEE TBD (+5%) (PASSED)
  1. TAI Presentation with Motion
  2. TQE Presentation with Motion
  3. TBD Presentation with Motion
3810:00CS MGABMotionBerkowitzApproval of 2020 Computer Society Membership Fees (PASSED)
  1. Presentation with motion
3910:05CS BOGMotionMetraApproval of 2019 Election Motion (COMPLETED)
  1. Motion for Approval
  2. Background Presentation from 10 May Telecon
4010:10CS T&CMotionGroppApproval of 2019 International Conference on Computer Vision Budget (PASSED)
  1. ICCV 2019 Motion
4110:15CS T&CMotionGroppApproval to Merge Technical Committee on Digital Libraries into Technical Committee on Multimedia (PASSED)
  1. TCDL motion for approval
4210:20CS FELMotionMetraIEEE CS Fellow Evaluation Committee Motion (PASSED)
  1. Presentation with Motion
4310:25CS BOGMotionMetraApproval of Renaming of the Computer Pioneer Award (PASSED) 
4410:40CS BOGProcedural-----Break (COMPLETED) 
4511:00CS BOGReportShullAd Hoc Committee on Membership Growth
  1. Ad Hoc Committee on Membership Final Report
4611:20CS BOGReportMarianiAd Hoc Committee on Engagement with Industry (COMPLETED)
  1. Presentation
4711:40CS BOGDiscussionDe FlorianiIEEE President-Elect Candidate Introduction and Presentations

1. Susan (Kathy) Land
2. Dejan Milojicic (COMPLETED)
  1. Presentation with Q&A
  2. Land Candidate Presentation
  3. Milojicic Candidate Presentation
4812:20CS C&B COMReportDe FlorianiReport of Policies and Procedures Manual Modifications (COMPLETED)
  1. Presentation
  2. PPM Sections 4 and 5 ExCom Modifications
  3. PPM Section 9 Publications Modifications
  4. PPM Section 13 C&B Committee
4912:40CS BOGProcedural----Lunch (COMPLETED) 
5014:05CS BOGReportMetra, Shull, Mariani, MenselsonImplementation of Ad Hoc Committees' Recommendations (COMPLETED) 
5115:05CS BOGReportTubbMarketing and Sales Update (COMPLETED)
  1. Presentation
5215:25CS BOGProcedural-----Break (COMPLETED) 
5315:45CS BOGDiscussionRussell, TubbDiscussion: CSDL Content and Future of CSDL
  1. Presentation
5416:15CS BOGDiscussionMetraThird 2019 Board of Governors Meeting  
5516:30CS BOGDiscussionMetraOther Business  
5616:45CS BOGProceduralLometReview of Action Items  
5716:55CS BOGProcedural-----Adjournment  

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299Consent Agenda
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499 Reference:Reports from Representatives
599 Reference:Supplemental Reports
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CS BOGComputer Society Board of Governors
CS C&B COMComputer Society Constitution & Bylaws Committee
CS FELComputer Society Fellows Committee
CS FIN COMComputer Society Finance Committee
CS MGABComputer Society Member & Geographic Activities Board
CS NOM COMComputer Society Nominations Committee
CS PEBComputer Society Professional and Educational Activities Board
CS PLANComputer Society Planning Committee
CS PUBSComputer Society Publications Board
CS SABComputer Society Standards Activities Board
CS T&CComputer Society Technical & Conference Activities Board
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