IEEE SPS Executive Committee Conference Call Meeting

Final Agenda Approval: 26 July 2019

26 July 2019
10:00 AM - 12:00 NN

Action Agenda
#TimeSubmitterTypePresenterAgenda ItemSupporting Documents
110:00SPS ExComProceduralSayedCall to Order (COMPLETED) 
210:01SPS ExComProceduralSayedRoll Call (COMPLETED)
  1. Roll Call of the Executive Committee
310:03SPS ExComMotionSayedApproval of Agenda (PASSED) 
410:04SPS ExComMotionPereiraWorkshop Travel Grant Proposal (PASSED)
  1. Workshop Travel Grant Proposal
510:14SPS ExComDiscussionAdaliUnified EDICS (COMPLETED)
  1. Unified EDICS
610:23SPS ExComDiscussionTewfik/Baseil2020 Budget Update (COMPLETED)
  1. A. 2020 Budget
  2. B. 2020 Initiatives
710:33SPS ExComDiscussionBaseilSP Student and Young Professional Fund (COMPLETED)
  1. SP Student and Young Professional Fund
810:43SPS ExComDiscussionSayedParticipation in IEEE Smart Cities (COMPLETED)
  1. Smart Cities - Email Exchange
  2. Financial Summary, 2017 - 2019
  3. CEU Potential Webinar List for Fall - Winter 2019
910:48SPS ExComDiscussionJohnsonRibbons for Leadership (COMPLETED) 
1010:53SPS ExComMotionSidiropoulosProposal for the 5-Minute Video Clip Contest (PASSED)
  1. 5-Minute Video Clip Contest Proposal
1110:58SPS ExComMotionTewfikTravel Support for Conferences Board and Publications Board Members to ICIP 2019 (PASSED)
  1. Travel Support for Conferences Board and Publications Board Members to ICIP 2019
1211:03SPS ExComMotionSayedTravel Support for the Fellow Evaluation Committee (COMPLETED) 
1311:08SPS ExComDiscussionSayedGeneral Remarks about the ICASSP conference (COMPLETED) 
1411:13SPS ExComDiscussionSayedRegistration Fees for Life Members (COMPLETED) 
1511:18SPS ExComDiscussionBaseilMoving forward with IoT World Forum for 2020 and MOU
  1. Moving forward with IoT World Forum for 2020 and MOU
  2. IoT intiative - Event Summaries
1611:25SPS ExComDiscussionSayedUpdate on items from February 2018 Brainstorming Meeting

A. Innovations Electronic Newsletter (Tewfik)

B. Selective Online Journal and Three Online Publications with Multimedia and Dynamic Features (Theodoridis)

C. SP Internship Opportunities and Match-making (Sidiropoulos)

D. Student Competition for Short Educational Videos (Sidiropoulos)

E. Signal Processing in industry videos (Sidiropoulos)

F. Industry Advisory Board (Sayed)

G. Plenary Speakers - Consultation with ExCom (Pereira)

H. PhD Database (Sidiropoulos)

1711:45SPS ExComDiscussionSayedComputational Imaging and SP Role (COMPLETED) 
1811:50SPS ExComDiscussionBaseil2019 Society Goals (POSTPONED)
  1. 2019 Society Goals
1911:55SPS ExComInfoJohnsonICIP 2019 Audience Development Update (POSTPONED)
  1. ICIP 2019 Audience Development
2012:00SPS ExComMotionSayedAdjourn (PASSED) 

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