IEEE TAB/PSPB Products & Services Committee (PSC)

Final Agenda Approval: 21 November 2019
Boston Massachusetts United States
Westin Boston Waterfront
Harbor Ballroom I & II (Harbor Level)
21 November 2019
8 am - 5 pm

Action Agenda
#TimeSubmitterTypePresenterAgenda ItemSupporting Documents
108:00TAB PSCProceduralJohn VigRoll Call & Welcome (COMPLETED) 
208:10TAB PSCDiscussionJohn VigReview & Adoption of Agenda (COMPLETED) 
308:15TAB PSCDiscussionJohn VigApproval of 20 June 2019 Meeting Minutes (COMPLETED)
  1. Public Meeting Minutes from June 2019 PSC
408:20TAB PSCDiscussionJohn VigReview 20 June 2019 Decisions and Carry Over Items (COMPLETED)
  1. June 2019 Carry over items
508:25TAB PSCExecutive SessionJohn VigOpening Remarks (COMPLETED) 
608:45TAB PSCDiscussionJohn VerboncoeurPowered by IEEE (COMPLETED)
  1. Powered by IEEE
709:00TAB PSCExecutive SessionJohn VigOpen Executive Session (COMPLETED) 
809:00TAB PSCExecutive SessionJohn VigApproval of 20 June 2019 Executive Session Minutes (COMPLETED) 
909:05TAB PSCExecutive SessionAndrew PopperIndustry Update (COMPLETED) 
1009:45TAB PSCExecutive SessionFrancis StaplesGlobal Sales (COMPLETED) 
1110:15TAB PSCProceduralAllBreak (COMPLETED) 
1210:30TAB PSCExecutive SessionPrakash BellurIEEE Xplore (COMPLETED) 
1310:55TAB PSCExecutive SessionRenny GuidaProduct Research & Development (COMPLETED) 
1411:20TAB PSCExecutive SessionJohn BarrProduct Ideation (COMPLETED) 
1511:40TAB PSCExecutive SessionKaren HawkinsAccelerated Open Access Plan (COMPLETED) 
1612:00TAB PSCProceduralAllLunch (COMPLETED) 
1713:00TAB PSCExecutive SessionKaren HawkinsLong-term Value of IEEE Contents (COMPLETED) 
1813:15TAB PSCExecutive SessionRenny GuidaArtech House Publishers Proposal (COMPLETED) 
1913:30TAB PSCExecutive SessionRenny GuidaMOTION: Artech House Publishers (PASSED) 
2013:35TAB PSCExecutive SessionJohn VigTechnically Cosponsored Journals (COMPLETED) 
2113:55TAB PSCExecutive SessionFabrizio LombardiOpen Access for Select Magazines (COMPLETED) 
2214:10TAB PSCExecutive SessionAdam NewmanStandards Update (COMPLETED) 
2314:25TAB PSCExecutive SessionAnil RoyConference Publications (COMPLETED) 
2414:55TAB PSCExecutive SessionJennifer FongEAB Continuing Professional Education (COMPLETED) 
2515:10TAB PSCExecutive SessionJohn VigClose Executive Session (COMPLETED) 
2615:15TAB PSCProceduralAllBreak (COMPLETED) 
2715:30TAB PSCDiscussionJaime MoeschIEEE Learning Network (COMPLETED)
  1. ILN - Moesch
2816:00TAB PSCDiscussionPat RyanResource Center (COMPLETED)
  1. Resource Center - Pat Ryan
2916:20TAB PSCDiscussionDavid BelangerDataPort (COMPLETED)
  1. DataPort - Belanger
3016:40TAB PSCDiscussionRakesh KumarRoadmaps (COMPLETED)
  1. Roadmaps - Rakesh
Reference: Supplemental Reports
#TimeSubmitterTypePresenterAgenda ItemSupporting Documents
501 --- TAB PSCReportDena HoffmanTAB/PSPB Products and Services Committee Member Bios and Roster  
502 --- TAB PSCReportDena HoffmanVolunteer Expense Reimbursement - CONCUR
  1. Expenses Information

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