2019 EMBS Face to Face ExCom Meeting

Final Agenda Approval: 05 October 2019
United States

04-05 October 2019

Action Agenda
#TimeSubmitterTypePresenterAgenda ItemSupporting Documents
113:00EMBSDiscussionSubramaniamPresidents Introduction  
213:30EMBSDiscussionLovellPast Presidents Report

-Constitution and Bylaws
-EMBS Hand Book
  1. DRAFT Constitution and Bylaws
  2. EMBS Hand Book
315:00EMBSDiscussionAminiPublications Transition Report

-OJEMB (Paolo to call in)
-T-NSRE Flip
  1. TSNRE Flip - Excom October 2019
415:30EMBSDiscussionAngelini / BrenanTechnical Activities Transition Report  
516:00EMBSDiscussionWang / WheelerFinance Transition Report

-2019, November Forecast
616:30EMBSDiscussionWrightMember and Students Report
  1. Member and Students Portfolio 2020 Budget Proposal
  2. Carolyn - Email Summary
717:00EMBSDiscussionPattonConferences Report
  1. EMB Conference Sheet
817:30EMBSDiscussionWolfExecutive Office Report

2019 Requests:

-$25K Podcasts - Entrepreneurship– Howard Levin/Dorin Panescu workshop, AMA sponsored
session @ HIPOCT19; OJ EMB EiC & Advisory Board, OJ EMB Process
-$25K Advertising (print & WOS e-communications) - EMBC2020, MNM, NER21, OJ EMB, EMB
-$5K – Social Media support / Khanita

2020 Requests:

-$10K - Podcasts: OJ EMB, TNSRE Flip, Membership
-$20K - E Poster implementation MNM/EMBC20

-Budgets for clearing publications backlog (Akay / Amini)
-Proposals for hands-on workshops (Wheeler/ Weiland)
918:00EMBSDiscussionSubramaniam / AkayPresident / President-Elect Overiew for tomorrow  
1018:30EMBSInfoALLBREAK for Day-

-Dinner on Own
-Will resume Saturday Morning after Breakfast on your Own
1108:30EMBSDiscussionSubramaniam / AkayWhere is EMBS going?  
1310:45EMBSDiscussionALLStrategic Session (each product portfolio presents 4 strategic items in 15 minutes)  
1411:45EMBSDiscussionALLDiscussion and Lunch  
1513:45EMBSDiscussionALLPrioritizing of strategic pitches for implementation  
1615:00EMBSDiscussionAngelini / WangDiscussions:

-COMAR, Elsa Angelini
-2020 Budget, May Wang
  1. 2020 Society Budget

-Virtual AdCom discussion on the date
--ExCom 2020: UCSD San Diego, CA, Residence Inn
----Friday, 10 Jan arrive
-----1pm – 6pm ExCom meeting @ UCSD
-----Dinner on own
----Saturday, 11 Jan
-----8:30 – 6:00 pm ExCom meeting @ UCSD
Group Dinner
1816:30EMBSInfoALLUpcoming Save the Dates:

-Save the date! ExCom Voting Members and VP Elects – Saturday, 18 July ExCom, Montreal, Canada
-Suggestion to have smaller Committee Meetings such as Pubs, Members on Saturday
-Save the date! AdCom Voting Members and VP Elects; Sunday, 19 July- Monday 20 July til 1pm,
Montreal, Canada
-Meetings on Monday afternoon such as Technical Activities, Conferences

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