IEEE Broadcast Technology Society ExCom Meeting

Final Agenda Approval: 04 December 2019
United States

04 December 2019
9am - 12pm

Action Agenda
#TimeSubmitterTypePresenterAgenda ItemSupporting Documents
109:00_DiscussionRalph HoganWelcome, introductions  
209:10_MotionRalph HoganAgenda approval  
309:15_MotionDave SieglerAction items review from April AdCom. Minutes approval from October AdCom meeting
  1. Draft BTS September AdCom minutes
409:20BTS SPCDiscussionSamina HusainSPC Action Item List Review
  1. SPC action items
509:50BTS FINDiscussionRalph HoganAdHoc FinCom Objectives, including new AdHoc on initiative money
  1. BTS Adhoc Finance Committee
610:10_DiscussionRalph HoganStanding and AdHoc Committee Job Descriptions and Appointments
  1. 2020 Committee Chairs
710:30_DiscussionRalph HoganFuture AdCom Locations  
810:50_DiscussionSamina Husain, Ralph HoganEstablish AdHoc for Marketing Committee  
911:10BTS ABSReportGuy BouchardUpdate on Broadcast Symposium  
1011:20_DiscussionRalph Hogan, Jennifer BarbatoAwards Finance Discussion 2020-2021
Certificates of Appreciation
  1. Awards report from 9/2018 AdCom meeting
1111:40BTS FINDiscussionPaul ShulinsConcur discussion  
1211:50_DiscussionRalph HoganNew Business
1311:55_DiscussionDave SieglerNew Action items  

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