EDS Board of Governors Meeting

Final Agenda Approval: 08 December 2019
San Francisco CA United States
Hilton Union Square

EDS BoG Meeting
Action Agenda
#TimeSubmitterTypePresenterAgenda ItemSupporting Documents
109:00_ProceduralJim SkowrenskiHouse Keeping
  1. Housekeeping
209:10_ReportFernando GuarinWelcome and President's Overview of 2019  
309:30_MotionFernando GuarinTo Approve EDS Updated Charters
  1. EducationCharter
  2. FellowsCharter
  3. FinanceCharter
  4. PublicationsCharter
409:35_MotionFernando GuarinTo Approve the Creation of the EDS Video  
509:45_ReportMeyya MeyyappanExCom Summary  
609:55_MotionMeyya MeyyappanTo Approve EDS Constitution & Bylaw Changes
  1. BylawChanges
  2. ConstitutionChanges
710:00_ReportJacobus SwartSecretary's Update  
810:05_MotionJacobus SwartTo Approve the May 2019 EDS Meeting Minutes
  1. May2019Minutes
910:15_ReportMK RadhakrishnanRegions & Chapters Update  
1010:30_MotionMK RadhakrishnanChange Chapter of the Year Award  
1110:35_ReportMorning Break  
1210:50_ReportBin ZhaoMembership and Services Update  
1311:05_MotionBin ZhaoStudent Awarded Membership  
1411:10_MotionBin ZhaoSpecial Funding for Membership Recruitment  
1511:15_ReportRavi TodiTechnical Committees and Conferences Update
  1. Photovoltaicdevices
  2. Technologycomputeraideddesign
  3. Vacuumdevices
  4. ElectronicMaterials
  5. PowerDevices
  6. Nanotechnology
  7. FlexElectronics
  8. Optoelectronic
  9. DeviceReliability
  10. TechCom&Mtgs
1611:35_MotionRavi TodiTo Approve the List of 2021 Repeat Conference List
  1. RepeatMeetings
1711:45_ReportSubu IyerTreasurer's Update  
1811:55_MotionSubu IyerTo Approve the EDS Budget Items  
2013:00_ReportTsu-Jae King LiuPublications and Product Committee Update  
2113:30_ReportMariko TakayanagiIEDM 2019 Summary  
2214:00_ReportGiovanni GhioneIEEE Transactions on Electron Devices  
2314:15_ReportJesus del AlamoIEEE Electron Devices Letters  
2414:30_ReportMikael OstlingIEEE Journal of Electron Devices  
2514:45_ReportFernando GuarinEducational Activities Update  
2615:00_ReportAfternoon Break  
2715:15_ReportDaniel CamachoYoung Professionals Update  
2815:30_ReportSamar SahaAwards, Nominations and Elections & Strategy Update  
2915:45_ReportCor ClaeysFellow Evaluation Update
  1. FellowsReport
3016:00_ReportFernando GuarinMeeting Adjournment  

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