IEEE SPS Executive Committee Conference Call Meeting

Final Agenda Approval: 10 December 2019

10 December 2019
10:30 AM - 12:00 NN

Action Agenda
#TimeSubmitterTypePresenterAgenda ItemSupporting Documents
110:30SPS ExComProceduralSayedCall to Order  
210:31SPS ExComProceduralSayedRoll Call
  1. Roll Call
310:33SPS ExComMotionSayedApproval of Agenda  
410:34SPS ExComMotionSidiropoulosFellow Evaluation Committee Nominations
  1. Incoming Chair's Recommendations
  2. Candidate Information
510:49SPS ExComMotionAdaliASI Event Funding - ICAS 2020
  1. Proposal for an 1-day Autonomous Systems Mellontology (ASM) Workshop
610:54SPS ExComMotionPereria and AdaliComposition of Boards
  1. Composition of Boards
  2. Proposed Motions
711:04SPS ExComMotionSayedOpen Access Fees  
811:09SPS ExComMotionTewfikNew Event  
911:14SPS ExComDiscussionAdaliICASSP Area - Big Data Track  
1011:24SPS ExComDiscussionAdaliUnified EDICS:
- ICIP 2020
1111:34SPS ExComDiscussionSayedSPS participation in IEEE Initiatives:
A. IOT Initiative
B. Brain Initiative
  1. A.1. IOT Email From Rich
  2. A.2. Draft MOU
  3. A.3. Internet of Things Motion
  4. B.1. IEEE Brain Transition Discussion
  5. B.2. IEEE Brain Transition and Assets
  6. B.3. Brain Transition Motion
1211:44SPS ExComMotionSayedDonations to Try Engineering Summer Institute
  1. Donations to Try Engineering Summer Institute
1311:49SPS ExComDiscussionTewfikVice President Funding
  1. Vice President Funding Proposal: VP-TD
  2. Vice President Funding Proposal: VP-Conferences
1411:59SPS ExComDiscussionArgiropoulos2019 Society Goals  
1512:01SPS ExComProceduralSayedOld Business  
1612:03SPS ExComProceduralSayedNew Business  
1712:04SPS ExComInfoSayedNext Meeting: Conference Call  
1812:05SPS ExComMotionSayedAdjourn  

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