IEEE Computer Society Board of Governors December Telecon

Final Agenda Approval: 19 December 2019

19 December 2019
9:00AM -11:00AM EST

Action Agenda
#TimeSubmitterTypePresenterAgenda ItemSupporting Documents
109:00CS BOGProceduralDe Floriani for MetraCall to Order (COMPLETED) 
209:00CS BOGProceduralLometRoll Call (COMPLETED)
  1. Roll Call
309:01CS BOGProceduralLometIntroduction of Guests (COMPLETED)
  1. Guest List
409:02CS BOGInfoDe FlorianiOpening Remarks (COMPLETED) 
509:04CS BOGMotionDe FlorianiApproval of the Agenda (PASSED) 
609:05CS BOGReportRussellExecutive Director's Report (COMPLETED)
  1. Presentation v2
709:15CS BOGProceduralDe Floriani to KasaharaPresident-elect De Floriani passes the gavel to Past President Kasahara to chair the telecon (COMPLETED) 
809:15CS C&B COMMotionDe FlorianiConstitution & Bylaws Committee Report

A. Approval of First Reading of IEEE Computer Society Bylaws Amendments - Article V Powers and Duties Section 1 Presidential Duties

B. Approval of Recommendations for Amendments to Bylaws Article II Section 10 Nominations IEEE Delegate-Director-Elect Nominations (PASSED)
  1. Presentation with Motions
  2. Bylaws Article V Powers and Duties
909:25CS BOGProceduralKasahara to De FlorianiPast President Kasahara passes the gavel back President-elect De Floriani to chair the telecon (PASSED) 
1009:25CS BOGExecutive SessionKasaharaExecutive Session Begins

Discussion of Nominations Committee Recommendations
A. 2020 Secretary - Dimitrios Serpanos
B. 2020 Board Member of the Nominations Committee - Kunio Uchiyama
C. 2020 Audit Committee Members - M. Brian Blake, Ernesto Cuadros-Vargas, John Johnson, Ramalatha Marimuthu
D. 2020 Ombudsman - Jill Gostin

  1. A. 2020 Secretary Bio
1109:30CS BOGExecutive SessionKasaharaDiscussion of 2020 Executive Committee Appointments - Riccardo Mariani, Sy-Yen Kuo, David Lomet, William Gropp, Fabrizio Lombardi, Yervant Zorian

Discussion of 2020 CS Member of PSPB - Fabrizio Lombardi

Executive Session Ends (COMPLETED)
  1. 2020 ExCom Bios
1209:35CS NOM COMMotionKasaharaApproval of Appointments

A. 2020 Secretary
B. 2020 Board Member of the Nominations Committee
C. 2020 Audit Committee Members
D. 2020 Ombudsman (PASSED)
  1. A. 2020 Secretary with Motion
  2. B. 2020 BoG Member of Nominations Committee with Motion
  3. C. 2020 Audit Committee with Motion
  4. D. 2020 Ombudsman with Motion
1309:37CS BOGMotionKasaharaBoard Consent to 2020 Executive Committee Members (PASSED)
  1. 2020 ExCom with Motion
1409:38CS BOGMotionKasaharaApproval of 2020 Member of IEEE Publications Products and Services Board (PASSED)
  1. Presentation with Motion
1509:39CS BOGMotionKasaharaApproval of 2020 Meetings and Elections Schedule (PASSED)
  1. Schedule with Motion
1609:40CS BOGProceduralDe Floriani to KasaharaPresident-elect De Floriani passes the gavel to Past President Kasahara to chair the telecon (COMPLETED) 
1709:40CS C&B COMReportDe FlorianiConstitution & Bylaws Committee Report of Policies and Procedures Manual Modifications

A. PPM Section 5.1.1 President Position Functions; PPM Section 6.1 T&C Activities Board Membership, PPM Section 8.1 MGA Membership, PPM Section 9.2.1 Publications Membership,
PPM Section 10.2.1 SAB Membership Non-Voting Members, PPM Section 19.2 History Committee Membership

B. PPM Section 9 - 9.2.8 Editor in Chief Search Process, 9.2.10 Editorial Board Member Selection Process

C. PPM Section 10 Standards Activities: 10.0 Mission of SAB, 10.3 SAB Responsibilities, 10.4 Standing Committees, 10.4.4 SAB Industry Advisory Committee

D. PPM Section 12 Awards

E. PPM Section 14 Elections - 14.1 Election Committee, 14.2 Election Committee Membership, 14.4 Election Guidelines

F. PPM Section 18 Planning Committee - 18.3 Duties and Responsibilities

  1. PPM Presentation v2
  2. A. PPM Sections 5,6,7,8,9,19
  3. B. PPM Section 9
  4. C. PPM Section 10
  5. D. PPM Section 12
  6. E. PPM Section 14
  7. F. PPM Section 18
1810:00CS BOGProceduralKasahara to De FlorianiPast President Kasahara passes the gavel back President-elect De Floriani to chair the telecon (COMPLETED) 
1910:00CS BOGReportSerpanosTreasurer's Report (COMPLETED)
  1. Presentation - Confidential
2010:15CS ICCReportKasaharaIEEE Councils' Memorandum of Understanding Report (COMPLETED)
  1. Presentation
2110:20CS BOGInfoDe FlorianiEditor-in-Chief Recommendations

1. IEEE Transactions on Big Data
2. IEEE Transactions on Cloud Computing (COMPLETED)
2210:25CS PUBSReportLombardiVP for Publications Update (COMPLETED)
  1. Presentation
2310:35CS MGABReportZorianVP for Membership and Geographic Activities Update (COMPLETED)
  1. Presentation
2410:45CS BOGReportMarimuthuReturning Mothers Initiative Update (POSTPONED)
  1. Presentation
2510:50CS BOGReportJimenez-Gomez, KackerWeb Translation Project Update (POSTPONED)
  1. Presentation
2611:00CS BOGReportBagchiStudent Competition Project Update (COMPLETED) 
2711:05CS BOGProceduralDe FlorianiGood of the Order (COMPLETED) 
2811:08CS BOGProceduralDe FlorianiAdjournment

Next Meeting: 22-23 January 2020, Westin South Coast Plaza, Costa Mesa, CA (COMPLETED)

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CS BOGComputer Society Board of Governors
CS C&B COMComputer Society Constitution & Bylaws Committee
CS ICCComputer Society Intersociety Cooperation Committee
CS MGABComputer Society Member & Geographic Activities Board
CS NOM COMComputer Society Nominations Committee
CS PUBSComputer Society Publications Board
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