CEAA 2020 January Meeting, Atlanta GA

Final Agenda Approval: 25 January 2020
Atlanta Georgia US
Peachtree Westin

As of this moment, all meetings will be held in "Chastain" 1 & 2 meeting room(s) in the hotel on LEVEL 6

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL)
Hotel direction: 10.1 miles S

This hotel does not provide shuttle service.

Estimated taxi fare: 35 USD (one way)
Subway service, fee: 2.5 USD (one way)
Visit ATL airport website
Action Agenda
#TimeSubmitterTypePresenterAgenda ItemSupporting Documents
218:00CEAAProceduralVianCall to Order
  1. Current CEAA Roster
318:05CEAAProceduralVianReview and Adoption of Agenda  
418:10CEAAMotionVianApproval of July 2019 Meeting Summary
  1. Meeting Notes/Summary July 2019
518:15CEAAReportMcColloughTraining Subcommittee Report
  1. Training Subcommittee Report Power Point
  2. Program Criteria Training
618:40CEAAReportMcCollough2019-2020 Visit Review Mentoring Subcom Report
  1. Mentoring Subcommittee Report
719:05CEAAReportRajalaVisit Assignment Report
  1. Visit Assignment Data Excel Spreadsheet
  2. Visit Assignment Report Power Point
  3. Visit Assignment Report Word Document
819:25CEAAReportRajalaProgram Evaluator Renewal and Estimates for 2020
  1. PEV Renewal Data Excel Spreadsheet
  2. PEV Renewal Recommendations Report Word Document
  3. PEV Renewal Recommendations January 2020 Power Point
919:50CEAAInfoNoelInternational Visit Assignments  
1020:00CEAADiscussionVian and AllProcess Improvement PEV selection:
1) Suggestions for next year (smaller voting group)
2) Advance knowledge of necessary number PEVs needed
3) Retiring more than necessary to make room for new PEVs
1120:15CEAAInfoMeierEAC Report
  1. EAC Report January 2020 Updated
1220:35CEAADiscussionVianValue of ieee.org housing the IEEE-specific criteria training materials that we provide to the IEEE PEV’s  
1321:00CEAAProceduralVianRecess until Breakfast Tomorrow at 8:30am - SAME ROOM
Meeting begins promptly at 9am
1609:20CEAAMotionVian and AllSelection of EAC Program Evaluators
  1. CEAA By Last Name PEV Report
  2. CEAA Overall PEV Rankings
  3. CEAA A-I-G PEV Ranking
1709:55CEAAProceduralALLContinue Selection of EAC Program Evaluators  
1912:35CEAAReportTaylorCSAB Report
  1. CSAB CEAA Report Taylor
2012:55CEAAInfoIngramABET Guest Speaker
James Ingram II
  1. ABET Presentation
2113:15CEAADiscussionVianCriteria Discussion - EE Criteria - Systems Engineering Criteria Update - Data Science Criteria (new)
  1. System Engineering Program Criteria
2213:45CEAAInfoPhillipsWelcome to the new Educational Activities Vice President - Stephen Phillips!
  1. Phillips IEEE EAB VP 2020 PDF
2314:00CEAAMotionVianReview FTP and Accreditation Policy Position Papers
1) Do we keep them?
2) Is there a reason/need to update and post?
3) They have currently been removed from the EAB Ops Manual
4) If deemed necessary to keep, MUST appoint Ad-Hoc
  1. FTP Paper that was removed
  2. Accreditation Position Paper that was removed
2414:30CEAAInfoVianAwards Subcommittee
  1. Subcommittee Current Roster
2514:40CEAAInfoVianReview Action Item Table from July 2019
  1. Table of Action Items
2615:00CEAAInfoSamsonIEEE The Institute looking to do profile on PEV
Nominations Requested
2715:05CEAAInfoALLNew Business/Old Business  

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