2020 EMBS Face to Face ExCom Meeting

Final Agenda Approval: 11 January 2020
San Diego California United States
Zweifach Library
10-11 January 2020

Action Agenda
#TimeSubmitterTypePresenterAgenda ItemSupporting Documents
113:30EMBSDiscussionSubramaniamWelcome from EMBS President (COMPLETED)
  1. Society Overview
213:40EMBSDiscussionSubramaniam / AkayPresident and President-Elect Introduction (COMPLETED) 
314:00EMBSDiscussionAllEMBS Constitution, ByLaws and Handbook (COMPLETED)
  1. EMBS Constitution
  2. EMBS ByLaws
  3. TAVE Comments-Bylaws
  4. TAVE Comments-Constitution
  5. EMBS Handbook
416:00EMBSInfoAllCoffee Break (COMPLETED) 
516:10EMBSDiscussionBrenanVice President of Technical Activities

-Excom agreement to invite John C. Criscione to become the TEHI Chair
-Excom agreement to fund one or more projects from submitted special projects (COMPLETED)
  1. Vice-President Technical Activities Report
  2. TC Project Proposal
  3. COMAR Report
618:10EMBSDiscussionWolfExecutive Director's Report
  1. Executive Director's Report
718:30EMBSInfoAllBreak for Day 1- We will continue on January 11, 2020 at 8:00 am (COMPLETED) 
808:30EMBSDiscussionWheelerVice President of Finance Report and 2020 Outlook (COMPLETED)
  1. Vice President Finance Report
909:00EMBSDiscussionAminiVice President of Publications Report and 2020 Outlook

-Update on Journals
-2021 T-NSRE Flip
-Journal Net Revenues and Pulse (COMPLETED)
  1. Vice-President Publications Report
  2. T-NSRE Assement
1009:30EMBSDiscussionWrightVice President of Members and Students Report and 2020 Outlook (COMPLETED)
  1. Vice President Member and Student Report
  2. Member and Student Activities
1110:00EMBSInfoAllAM Coffee Break (COMPLETED) 
1210:30EMBSDiscussionPatton (Will Dial In)Vice President of Conference Report and 2020 Outlook (COMPLETED)
  1. Vice President of Conference Report
1312:30EMBSDiscussionAllLUNCH (COMPLETED) 
1413:30EMBSDiscussionMcGregorVice President-Elect of Members and Students Report and Future Plans

-New Student Chapter/Club Incentive Program
-Member retention and value proposition
-New Junior Engineer and Scientist events at EMBC
-EMBS Brand and Value (COMPLETED)
  1. Vice-President-Elect Members and Students Report
1514:00EMBSDiscussionWeilandVice President-Elect of Conferences Report and Future Plans

-Timeline for transition
-Goals for my term as VP conference
-Feedback (COMPLETED)
  1. Vice-President-Elect Conferences Report
1614:30EMBSDiscussionSubramaniam / AkayEMBS Workshop Updates  
1715:30EMBSInfoAllPM Break  
1816:00EMBSDiscussionSubramaniamStrategic Planning and 2020-2021 EMBS Outlook  
Consent Agenda
#TimeSubmitterTypePresenterAgenda ItemSupporting Documents

-MOTION to approve Christopher James as the conference chair for EMBC 2022, 2nd Amir Amini, all in favor, motion passes

-MOTION to approve BHI conference in Houston in October 2020, 2nd Metin Akay, all in favor, motion passes

-MOTION to approve BioCAS 2020 budget, 2nd Metin Akay, all in favor, motion passes

-MOTION to approve the budget for Guadalajara 2021, 2nd Amir Amini, all in favor, motion passes

-MOTION to recommend the revised TAVE Constitution for AdCom approval moved by Amir Amini, 2nd by Colin Brenan, all in favor, MOTION Passes

-MOTION to recommend the revised TAVE Bylaws for AdCom approval with the following changes moved by Metin Akay, 2nd by Bruce Wheeler, all in favor, MOTION Passes
Reference: Supplemental Reports
#TimeSubmitterTypePresenterAgenda ItemSupporting Documents
501 --- EMBSReportAllVolunteer Expense Reimbursement Platform - Concur
  1. Volunteer Expense Reimbursement Platform - Concur
502 --- EMBSReportAll2020 EMBS ORG Chart
  1. 2020 EMBS ORG Chart
503 --- EMBSReportAll2020 EMBS AdCom Roster
  1. 2020 EMBS Roster
504 --- EMBSReportAll2020 Budgets
  1. 2020 EMBS Society Budget
  2. 2020 MNM Budget

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