IEEE TEMS ExCom Meeting February 2020

Final Agenda Approval: 07 February 2020
Anaheim CA Orange County
Sheraton Park Hotel at Anaheim
Garden AB Room
ExCom Meeting 1:00 am - 2:50 pm PST, Friday, February 7
Action Agenda
#TimeSubmitterTypePresenterAgenda ItemSupporting Documents
113:00TEMS ExComProceduralChenCall to Order  
213:00TEMS ExComProceduralWongRoll Calll  
313:05TEMS ExComProceduralChenApproval of Agenda  
413:05TEMS ExComDiscussionChenExCom Overview
  1. ExCom Overview
513:20TEMS FinComDiscussionKotak / MarshallFinCom Overview
  1. FinCom Overview
613:35TEMS PlanComDiscussionSahotaG&MCom Overview  
713:50TEMS MCC Program BoardDiscussionAnnaswarmyMembership and Communication Program Board
  1. MMC Program Board Overview
814:05TEMS TAC Program BoardDiscussionGalbraithTechnical Activities Program Board
  1. TAC Program Board Overview
914:20TEMS Pub Program BoardDiscussionGaynorPublication Program Board
  1. Pubs Program Board Review
1014:35TEMS Conf Program BoardDiscussionBierwolfConference Program Board
  1. Conference Program Board Overview
1114:50TEMS ExComProcedural---Meeting Adjourn  

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Agenda Sections
199Action Agenda
299Consent Agenda
399 Reference:Committee / Forum Reports
499 Reference:Reports from Representatives
599 Reference:Supplemental Reports
Submitter (column 3 of agenda)
TEMS Conf Program BoardTEMS Conference Program Board
TEMS ExComTEMS Executive Committee
TEMS FinComTEMS Finance Committee
TEMS MCC Program BoardTEMS MCC Program Board
TEMS PlanComTEMS Planning Committee
TEMS Pub Program BoardTEMS Publication Program Board
TEMS TAC Program BoardTEMS TAC Program Board
Supporting Documents (column 7 of agenda)
###Number Assigned to supporting document file