WIE In Person Meeting - March 2020 - New Orleans, USA

Final Agenda Approval: 08 March 2020
Piscataway NJ United States

07-08 March 2020

Action Agenda
#TimeSubmitterTypePresenterAgenda ItemSupporting Documents
109:00IEEE WIEInfo***DAY 1***
Meeting Location: Treme room, 2nd floor
209:00IEEE WIEProceduralWelcome and Roll Call
  1. Roll Call
309:10IEEE WIEMotionLazareck-AsuntaAgenda Approval  
409:10IEEE WIEMotionLazareck-AsuntaMeeting Minutes Approval - February 2020
  1. February 2020 Voting members minutes
509:15IEEE WIEProceduralIcebreaker  
609:30IEEE WIEReportLazareck-AsuntaChair's Opening Remarks
Meeting Theme: Measuring Success & How To Contribute
710:00IEEE WIEReportWilliamsWIE Overview
  1. WIE Overview
810:10IEEE WIEInfoOnyesohInternational Women's Day Activity
  1. IWD Activity 2020
910:15IEEE WIEInfo***BREAK***
International Women's Day Photos
1010:30IEEE WIEMotionPasik-DuncanWePOWER
  1. Partnership with WePOWER revised
1110:40IEEE WIEDiscussionDevivoEducation Discussion

*Bring any education-related points of interest or questions to this discussion.
  1. Update from Pre-University Subcommittee
1211:00IEEE WIEDiscussionBreakout Session: Affinity Groups

*How do we measure success of our Affinity Groups?
1311:25IEEE WIEReportReport Out: Affinity Groups  
1411:35IEEE WIEReportMingioneWIE International Leadership Summits
  1. 2019 Summits
1511:45IEEE WIEInfoBreakout Session: Summit Leadership, Pledge & Partnerships

* What to do with our ILS leadership once their Summit is over?
* How to ‘police’ The Pledge for those who make it, including WIE?
* WePOWER, Women Engineers in Pakistan, Perspektywy
  1. 2020 IEEE Partnership with WEP & Perspektywy
  2. WEP Partnership Evaluation and SWOT
  3. Perspektywy Partnership Evaluation and SWOT
1612:15IEEE WIEInfo***LUNCH***  
1713:00IEEE WIEReportReport Out: Summit Leadership, Pledge & Partnerships  
1813:15IEEE WIEReportLandSusan Kathy Land, IEEE President-Elect
  1. WIE presentation
1913:45IEEE WIEReportMarimuthuGovernance Ad Hoc
  1. WIE Committee Governance
2014:00IEEE WIEInfoBreakout Session: Regions & Societies/Councils “Duties”

*Can groups come to agreement as to their basic duties?
2114:45IEEE WIEReportReport Out: Duties  
2215:00IEEE WIEInfo***BREAK***
Group Photo
2315:30IEEE WIEDiscussionBreakout Session: Regions & Societies/Councils “Success”

*What are the success metrics for these groups?
2416:15IEEE WIEReportReport Out: Success  
2516:30IEEE WIEInfoLazareck-AsuntaDay 1 Closing Remarks  
2617:00IEEE WIEInfo***End of Day 1***  
2718:30IEEE WIEInfoGroup Dinner  
2809:00IEEE WIEInfo***DAY 2***
Meeting Location: Treme room, 2nd floor
2909:00IEEE WIEProceduralWelcome and Roll Call
  1. Roll Call
3009:05IEEE WIEDiscussionLazareck-AsuntaWarm-up: International Women’s Day  
3109:20IEEE WIEReportLazareck-AsuntaRecap of Day 1  
3209:40IEEE WIEReportOnyesohCommunications + Webinar Topics, Calendar Exercise

*Bring meeting/event/conference dates for sharing from your OU
  1. WIE 2019 Communications report
3310:00IEEE WIEReportHerring HayashiWIE International Leadership Conference
  1. IEEE WIE ILC Report March 2020
3410:15IEEE WIEInfo***BREAK***  
3510:30IEEE WIEReportRussellTAB Committee on Diversity & Inclusion + Committee on Diversity, Inclusion and Professional Ethics
  1. CDIE for WIE
3610:40IEEE WIEReportBrownSenior Membership Drive *How can WIEC Members contribute to this Drive?
  1. Master Plan WIE Senior Member Elevation Drive 2020
3711:10IEEE WIEDiscussionExercise: WIE Mission & Articulating Success (1-year, 3-year, 5-year)
What does success look like for WIE in 1-, 3-, 5-years?
3812:00IEEE WIEReportReport Out: Exercise  
3912:15IEEE WIEInfo***LUNCH***  
4013:00IEEE WIEDiscussionLazareck-Asunta“20@20” Discussion

* If WIE elevates all members who identify as women, and still nothing changes...what next?
* How can WIE engage with more men so our WIEC leadership is more reflective of our own membership base (~25% non- female)?
4113:50IEEE WIEInfoWilliamsSubcommittee Recap & Volunteer Positions  
4214:20IEEE WIEDiscussionLazareck-Asunta2021: WIE Turns 25!

*Bring your ideas for our 2021 celebration.
4314:50IEEE WIEProceduralNew Business  
4415:00IEEE WIEReportLazareck-AsuntaClosing Remarks  
4515:30IEEE WIEInfoNext Meeting  
4615:30IEEE WIEMotionLazareck-AsuntaAdjourn meeting  

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