IEEE SPS Membership Board Conference Call Meeting

Final Agenda Approval: 20 March 2020

20 March 2020
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Action Agenda
#TimeSubmitterTypePresenterAgenda ItemSupporting Documents
111:00SPS Mem BdProceduralHariCall to Order (COMPLETED) 
211:01SPS Mem BdProceduralHariRoll Call (COMPLETED)
  1. Roll Call of the Membership Board
311:02SPS Mem BdMotionHariApproval of Agenda (PASSED)
  1. Membership Board Members
411:03SPS Mem BdMotionHariSeasonal Schools - Postpone all events between now and August or become virtual event (PASSED) 
511:06SPS Mem BdDiscussionPerry/WehrmanDiscussion of Membership Survey Results (COMPLETED)
  1. A. Survey Summary
  2. B. Member Survey - Summary of Findings
  3. SPS Member Survey Frequencies - Past
  4. SPS Member Survey Frequencies - Present
611:26SPS Mem BdDiscussionHariRestructuring the Membership Board Meetings - More focus on membership data and statistics:
1. How do we want to grow our membership?
2. How do we want to reach segmented audiences?
3. How do we engage our current members?
4. Diversity
- Women
- Young Professionals
- Industry
- Students
- Etc.
i. Identifying the Needs of Different Sectors in Different Regions
ii. Information and Results of the Membership Survey to be Included
iii. How to Interact with Chapters
iv. How to Interact with Other SPS Boards?

  1. March Forward
711:31SPS Mem BdDiscussionHariBrief Description on the Status of Membership
A. Recap of the New Structure of the Membership Board and New Responsibilities of Committees
B. Summary of the ExCom Planning Meeting Discussions
C. Current Membership Numbers Highlighting the service deactivation in February
D. New SPS Chapters and Student Branch Chapters Approved in 2020 to date (COMPLETED)
  1. A. Membership Board Reorganization Summary
  2. C. 2020 February Membership Data
  3. D. New 2019 and 2020 SPS Chapters and Student Branch Chapters
  4. Moving Forward
811:36SPS Mem BdDiscussionHariSPS Mobile App and Website (POSTPONED)
  1. SPS Event App
911:41SPS Mem BdDiscussionHariRetiring Chair/Committee positions/identifying Potential candidates (POSTPONED) 
1011:46SPS Mem BdDiscussionHariQuarterly Meetings/Forums Between Chapter Leadership and RDAL in Each Region
- Develop questionnaire template (POSTPONED)
1111:51SPS Mem BdDiscussionHariQuarterly Meetings of all RDALs and VP-Membership after their Meeting with Chapter Leadership (POSTPONED) 
1211:56SPS Mem BdInfoBaseil2020 Society Goals (POSTPONED)
  1. 2020 Society Goals
1311:57SPS Mem BdProceduralHariOld Business  
1411:58SPS Mem BdProceduralHariNew Business
1511:59SPS Mem BdInfoHariNext Meeting  
1612:00SPS Mem BdMotionHariAdjourn (PASSED) 

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