IEEE BTS Finance meeting

Final Agenda Approval: 30 April 2020
Piscataway NJ United States

30 April 2020

Action Agenda
#TimeSubmitterTypePresenterAgenda ItemSupporting Documents
110:00_DiscussionAmanda TempleAction Item Review for 6/9/2020
AT update 1700/1900- DONE
Committee to review documents, discuss registration fees, emails or questions on docs to AT - DONE
AT meet with Gary after first pass forecast is sent out
AT to research job postings and mentorship program
AT webex for next meeting- DONE
210:05_DiscussionGary CavellWelcome and Introductions
Roll Call - Gary Cavell, Ralph Hogan, Paul Shulins, Lanny Nass, Roz Clark, Rich Friedel, Milford Smith, Peter Siebert
310:15_DiscussionAmanda TempleReview of First Pass Updates to Target View
  1. BTS Budget with GL codes
  2. BTS First Pass Budget items for review
410:30_DiscussionAmanda TempleReview of BTS02 Forecast line by line
  1. 2021 BTS Budget
511:15_DiscussionRalph Hogan/Amanda TempleRevenue ideas for 2021
Initiative money and NIC money
611:25_DiscussionAmanda TempleCurrent 2020 budget
  1. 2020 Actuals

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