IEEE TEMS Board of Governors Meetings

Final Agenda Approval: 07 June 2020

Access code: 594 026 809
11:00 am - 2:00 pm EDT, Saturday, June 6
11:00 am - 2:00 pm EDT, Sunday, June 7
Action Agenda
#TimeSubmitterTypePresenterAgenda ItemSupporting Documents
111:00TEMS BoGProceduralChenCall To Order (COMPLETED) 
211:00TEMS BoGProceduralWongRoll Call (COMPLETED) 
311:05TEMS BoGDiscussionChenIntroduction of Guests (COMPLETED) 
411:10TEMS BoGMotionWongApproval of Minutes (COMPLETED)
  1. TEMS Board April 21 2020 meeting minutes
511:15TEMS BoGProceduralWongApproval of Agenda (COMPLETED) 
611:20TEMS BoGDiscussionChenPresident's Remark (COMPLETED)
  1. President Update
711:40TEMS BoGDiscussionThampiCoping with COVID-19 Exercise (COMPLETED) 
811:55TEMS BoGDiscussionChen / VPsTEMS Mid Year Update (COMPLETED)
  1. Pub Update
  2. Conference Update
  3. MMC Update
  4. India Update
  5. TAC Update (April)
912:40TEMS BoGDiscussionCondryNominations Committee Report (COMPLETED)
  1. VP Conferences from NomCom
1012:55TEMS BoGDiscussionVishwasTEMS Technology Briefing (COMPLETED)
  1. TEMS Technology Briefing
1113:15TEMS ExComDiscussionGaynorSociety Review Preparation Update (COMPLETED)
  1. Society Review
1213:30TEMS BoGDiscussionAll2021 Budget Preparation (COMPLETED) 
1314:00TEMS BoGProcedural---Recess until Sunday, 7 June 2020.
reconvenes at 11:00 AM EDT). (COMPLETED)
1411:00TEMS BoGDiscussionWongDay 1 Summary and Feedback (COMPLETED) 
1511:15TEMS BoGDiscussionThampiCoping with COVID-19 Exercise (COMPLETED) 
1611:30TEMS BoGDiscussionCastroDivision VI Director Remarks
  1. Division VI Director remarks
1711:45TEMS Conf Program BoardDiscussionSasinowskiFeedback for TEMSCON 2020  
1812:00TEMS PlanComDiscussionSahotaBylaws and Strategic Plan
  1. Proposed Revisions for TEMS Bylaws
  2. Proposed TEMS Conference Srategy
1912:45TEMS BoGDiscussionallBreak  
2013:00TEMS BoGDiscussionChen / ChairsTEMS Operations Manual
  1. TEMS Ops Manual ToC
  2. Nominations and Apppintment Committee
  3. TMC Policy Manual
2113:20TEMS MCC Program BoardDiscussionAnnaswarmyMMC New Initiatives
  1. MMC New Initiative
2213:30TEMS BoGDiscussionChenProfessional Training and Education Adhoc Committee
  1. Motions to be Discussed
2313:30TEMS BoGDiscussionChenInterim VP TAC Appointment  
2413:30TEMS BoGDiscussionChenOther Business
  1. Wiley/IEEE Press Book Series Update - Tariq Samad
  2. Sudeendra - Certificate Program Proposal
  3. SusTech 2021
2513:50TEMS BoGDiscussionWongAction Item Review and Discussion  
2614:00TEMS BoGProceduralChenMeeting Adjourn  
Reference: Supplemental Reports
#TimeSubmitterTypePresenterAgenda ItemSupporting Documents
501 --- TEMS BoGInfoCondryVP Conference Applications
  1. Sudeendra Koushik
  2. Rabiz Foda
  3. Rao Mannepalli
  4. Wahyudi Hasbi
  5. David Bakhtnia
502 --- TEMS BoGInfoChenAdditional Candidates
  1. Prof. Shiyan Hu
  2. Prof. Geoff Simmons

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TEMS Conf Program BoardTEMS Conference Program Board
TEMS ExComTEMS Executive Committee
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TEMS PlanComTEMS Planning Committee
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