IEEE SPS Executive Committee Conference Call Meeting

Final Agenda Approval: 05 June 2020

05 June 2020
11:00 AM - 12:30 PM

Action Agenda
#TimeSubmitterTypePresenterAgenda ItemSupporting Documents
111:00SPS ExComProceduralTewfikCall to Order (COMPLETED) 
211:01SPS ExComProceduralTewfikRoll Call (COMPLETED)
  1. Roll Call of the Executive Committee
311:02SPS ExComMotionTewfikApproval of Agenda (PASSED) 
411:03SPS ExComDiscussionTewfikIEEE President-Elect Article in the Newsletter (COMPLETED)
  1. IEEE Policy Text
  2. Proposed Text for 2020 IEEE President-Elect Candidates Message
511:08SPS ExComDiscussionTewfikEvent for Tom Huang at ICIP (COMPLETED) 
611:13SPS ExComDiscussionTewfikTypes of conference contents into Resource Center (COMPLETED) 
711:31SPS ExComDiscussionTewfikResource Center Pricing of Conference Materials (COMPLETED)
  1. Moving ICIP and ICASSP Videos to Resource Center
811:49SPS ExComDiscussionTewfikConference Models (POSTPONED)
  1. Conference Models
  2. SPS Conference Models
912:07SPS ExComDiscussionTewfikInitiative Proposals Discussion
A. Informal Networking meetups (Adali)
B. PROGRESS - PROmotinG diveRsity in Signal ProcESSing (Petropulu)
C. Conference Board Initiatives (Pereira)
D. MEYFR - Mentoring Experiences for Young Female Researchers (Adali)
E. Membership Board Initiatives (Hari)
F. Education Initiative "Educating the World" (Narayanan) (POSTPONED)
  1. A. Informal Networking meetups
  2. B. PROGRESS - PROmotinG diveRsity in Signal ProcESSing
  3. C. Conference Board Initiatives
  4. D. MEYFR - Mentoring Experiences for Young Female Researchers
  5. E. Membership Board Initiatives
  6. F. Education Initiative "Educating the World"
  7. F. Match Mentor-Initiative
  8. F. Initiative Webinar Cluster 2020
1012:25SPS ExComDiscussionPetropuluUnrest in the US (COMPLETED)
  1. Unrest in the US
1112:30SPS ExComInfoTewfikTry Engineering Summer Institute Update (COMPLETED)
  1. Try Engineering Summer Institute Update
1212:30SPS ExComMotionTewfikAdjourn (COMPLETED) 

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