ComSoc MGA Council

Final Agenda Approval: 23 June 2020

Zoom meeting
23 June 2020
9 am - 11 am

Action Agenda
#TimeSubmitterTypePresenterAgenda ItemSupporting Documents
109:00VPMGRProceduralKatoWelcome, Introduction, Meeting Administration
  1. 2020-6-23 MGA Presentation
209:10VPMGRMotionKatoApproval of Agenda  
309:12VPMGRMotionKatoApproval of previous minutes  
409:15VPMGRInfoJaraicie, RamirezBenefits web page  
509:25VPMGRMotionVeigaElectronic Membership Option for Qualifying Countries  
609:30VPMGRMotionVeigaGlobal Leaders Congress – Pilot program  
709:35VPMGRInfoBehmannVDL procedure  
809:45VPMGRInfoBehmannNAB Update  
910:05VPMGRInfoGaurYoung Professionals update  
1010:25VPMGRMotionGaurChanges in YP Award
  1. ComSoc YP P&Ps
1110:26VPMGRMotionGaurRecommend the YP Award to Awards Committee
  1. ComSoc Young Professionals Career Award
1210:28VPMGRMotionGaurRequest the Q&A Data from Conferences  
1310:30VPMGRInfoJaraicieMembership: Current situation  
1410:45VPMGRDiscussionKatoNew business  

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Agenda Sections
199Action Agenda
299Consent Agenda
399 Reference:Committee / Forum Reports
499 Reference:Reports from Representatives
599 Reference:Supplemental Reports
Submitter (column 3 of agenda)
VPMGRComSoc Vice President Member & Global Relations
Supporting Documents (column 7 of agenda)
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