MGA Geographic Unit Operations Committee Meeting

Final Agenda Approval: 13 April 2014

12-13 April 2014
8am - 5pm

Action Agenda
#TimeSubmitterTypePresenterAgenda ItemSupporting Documents
108:00MGA GUOProceduralPolavarapuWelcome and Introductions
  1. 2014 MGA Committee Roster
  2. GUOS Photo Directory
208:15MGA GUODiscussionAll Expectations for the Meeting
  1. Geographic Unit Activity Summary Report
308:45MGA GUODiscussionAtkinson/PolavarapuCarryover items from 2013 recommendations
-Change Chapter and Affinity Group Officer Terms to mirror Section (reference recommendation 16 from 2013)
  1. 016F-Change Chapter and Affinity Groups Officer Terms v3 TSA (3)
  2. 2013 Final Recomindations to the MGA Board
409:15MGA GUODiscussionPolavarapu/SinauskasElevation Criteria for Subsection in R10
  1. Criteria for Elevation of Subsections to Sections - Reg 10
509:45MGA GUODiscussionPolavarapuApproval of MGA Operations Manual Changes, Section 9.4.L-Section Reporting Requirements (Don Bramlett)
  1. Approval of MGA Ops Manual Changes, Sec 9.4.L- Section Reporting Requirements
610:15MGA GUOInfoAll Break  
710:30MGA GUODiscussionPolavarapuDashboard Project
  1. SectionVitalityDashboard-v4
810:45MGA GUODiscussionPolavarapu/SinauskasVolunteer Leadership Training Program
  1. VLT Program
911:00MGA GUODiscussionAll Region Vitality Coordinator Role
  1. Region Vitality Coordinator-Position Description
1011:30MGA GUODiscussionPolavarapu/SinauskasGeo Unit FAQs and Q&A Repository  
1112:00MGA GUOInfoAll Lunch  
1213:00MGA GUODiscussionAll Brainstorming on Geo Unit Model  
1314:30MGA GUODiscussionAll What is your idea?  
1415:00MGA GUOInfoAll Break  
1515:15MGA GUODiscussionAll Formulation of Action Plans  
1616:15MGA GUOMotionAll Outcomes of Earlier Discussions  
1717:00MGA GUOProceduralAll Adjournment  

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MGA GUOMGA Geographic Unit Operations Support Committee
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