MGA Geographic Unit Operations Support Committee Meeting (20-22 March 2015)

Final Agenda Approval: 22 March 2015
Piscataway NJ United States

20-22 March 2015

Action Agenda
#TimeSubmitterTypePresenterAgenda ItemSupporting Documents
108:00MGA GUOProceduralMartin BastiaansWelcome and Introductions
  1. 2015 MGA Committee Roster and Photo Directory
208:15MGA GUODiscussionMartin Bastiaans Agenda  
308:30MGA GUODiscussionMartin BastiaansGUOS meeting summary February 2015
  1. GUOS summary February 2015
408:35MGA GUODiscussionMurty Polavarapu2014 End-of-year items
  1. 2014 End of year items
  2. John Vig - Conferences
  3. Conferences organizing_supporting documents pg 25-26
  4. Geo Unit FAQ
508:50MGA GUODiscussionCheryl Sinauskas GUOS 2015 Focus Areas
--Review of Section Vitality Report
  1. 2014 Section vitality survey report
609:00MGA GUODiscussionAndreas Koltes/AllVitality
--5.Develop a plan to engage Regional Vitality Coordinators
  1. 2015 Region Vitality Program
  2. 2015 Region Vitality Coordinators
710:00MGA GUOInfoAll Break  
810:10MGA GUODiscussionAll Vitality
--7.Expand the Section Vitality Dashboard horizontally, i.e., with input from and links to vTools, CLE.
--8.Expand the Vitality Dashboard vertically, i.e., to other geographic units such as Chapters, Affinity Groups, Student Branches, via links to IEEE, Region, Society, conference database, …
  1. GUOS 2015 Planning Committee Member Preferences
911:10MGA GUODiscussionAllGUOS 2015 Focus Areas
Volunteer Experience
--1.Identify and document specific job responsibilities that can be documented and made available on Section websites or in newsletters to attract micro-volunteer
--2.Set clear time expectations for these tasks
1011:40MGA GUODiscussionAll GUOS 2015 Focus Areas - Communication -
--How can we keep the communication channel IEEE – MGA – Region – Section – Subunit – member open and active?
How to inform the members in a Section about relevant activities, especially those who are not Society members?
1112:10MGA GUOInfoAll Lunch  
1213:10MGA GUODiscussionMartin BastiaansMGA Ops Manual
--Rebate schedule
  1. Rebate Schedule
1313:40MGA GUODiscussionMartin BastiaansMGA Ops Manual
--Term limits
  1. MGA Ops Manual - Term Limits
1414:10MGA GUODiscussionMartin BastiaansMGA Ops Manual
--Chapter/ Affinity Group meeting activity
  1. MGA Ops Manual - Chapter/Affinity Group meeting activity
1514:40MGA GUOInfoAll Break  
1614:50MGA GUODiscussionAll Any other business
--Cheryl - Policy and MGA Ops Manu
--Murty - Students
1715:20MGA GUODiscussionAll Formulation of Action Plans  
1816:20MGA GUOMotionAll Outcomes of Earlier Discussions  
1917:05MGA GUOProceduralAll Adjournment  

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