MGA Awards and Recognition Committee Webconference (2 June 2016)

Final Agenda Approval: 02 June 2016

02 June 2016

Action Agenda
#TimeSubmitterTypePresenterAgenda ItemSupporting Documents
111:00MGA ARCProceduralJohnsonWelcome and Introductions
  1. Roll Call ARC 2016
  2. Photo Directory
  3. Contact Information
  4. ARC Charter
211:00MGA ARCProceduralJohnsonReview and Adoption of Meeting Agenda  
311:00MGA ARCDiscussionJohnsonChair Remarks  
411:00MGA ARCMotionJohnsonSelection of MGA Outstanding Small Section Award Recipient
  1. Outstanding Section Awards - Web Link
  2. MGA Section Awards FluidReview - Web Link
511:00MGA ARCMotionJohnsonSelection of MGA Outstanding Medium Section Award Recipient  
611:00MGA ARCMotionJohnsonSelection of MGA Outstanding Large Section Award Recipient  
711:00MGA ARCDiscussionJohnsonDiscussion of the Outstanding Section Nomination Process through FluidReview  
811:00MGA ARCMotionJohnsonApproval of Supporting Friend of IEEE MGA
  1. Friend Award - Web Link
911:00MGA ARCMotionJohnsonUpdate on Subcommittees  
1011:00MGA ARCDiscussionJohnsonNew Business  
1111:00MGA ARCProceduralJohnsonAdjournment  
1211:00MGA ARCInfoJohnsonNext Meeting: Face to Face
Thursday, 17 November 2016
New Brunswick, NJ, USA

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MGA ARCMGA Awards and Recognition Committee
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