MGA Awards and Recognition Committee Meeting (17 November 2016)

Final Agenda Approval: 17 November 2016

17 November 2016

Action Agenda
#TimeSubmitterTypePresenterAgenda ItemSupporting Documents
108:00MGA ARCProceduralJohnsonWelcome and Introductions
  1. Roll Call ARC
  2. Photo Directory
  3. Contact Information
  4. Committee Charter
208:00MGA ARCProceduralJohnsonReview and Adoption of Meeting Agenda  
308:00MGA ARCDiscussionJohnson2016 MGA Larry K. Wilson Transnational Award Nominees
408:00MGA ARCDiscussionJohnson2016 MGA Innovation Award Nominees  
508:00MGA ARCDiscussionJohnson2016 MGA Leadership Award Nominees  
608:00MGA ARCDiscussionJohnson2016 MGA Achievement Award Nominees  
708:00MGA ARCDiscussionJohnson2016 MGA Young Professionals Achievement Award Nominees  
808:00MGA ARCDiscussionJohnsonGoogle Drive / FluidReview Portal Process Evaluation  
908:00MGA ARCMotionJohnsonApproval of Friend Awards
  1. Friend Awards
  2. Original Email Submissions
1008:00MGA ARCDiscussionJohnsonFriend of MGA Award Process and Publication  
1108:00MGA ARCMotionJohnsonMGA Outstanding Chapter Award
  1. MGA Outstanding Chapter Award
1208:00MGA ARCDiscussionJohnson2016 MGA ARC Projects and Goals Update
  1. MGA ARC Projects Update
1308:00MGA ARCDiscussionJohnson_GostinSubcommittee Update - Awards Metrics
  1. Awards Metrics Spreadsheet (UPDATED)
  2. Nominator Survey (web link)
1408:00MGA ARCDiscussionJohnson_CollierSubcommittee Update - FluidReview Portal
  1. Updated Individual Award Nomination Form (for review)
  2. Updated Outstanding Section Award Nomination Form (final draft)
1508:00MGA ARCDiscussionJohnson_YousufSubcommittee Update - Social Media
  1. MGA Awards Facebook page (web link)
  2. ARC Timeline 2017 with Social Media
  3. Images for Awards (zip)
  4. Facebook profile photo (to be updated)
  5. IEEE Social Media Policy (web link)
1608:00MGA ARCDiscussionJohnsonSubcommittee Update - Section Awards Inventory
  1. Section or Region Program Manual Draft
  2. Region Awards Inventory
1708:00MGA ARCDiscussionJohnsonProject Update - Awards Calendar  
1808:00MGA ARCDiscussionJohnsonProject Update - Recipients Database
- discuss moving from individual recipient web pages to one PDF document with all recipients
  1. Awards Recipients (sample)
  2. Recipients with Citations (sample)
1908:00MGA ARCDiscussionJohnsonWeb Pages Update  
2008:00MGA ARCDiscussionJohnsonFuture Plaques  
2108:00MGA ARCDiscussionJohnson2017 Projects and Goals
  1. 2017 Projects and Goals
2208:00MGA ARCDiscussionJohnsonNew Business  
2308:00MGA ARCMotionJohnsonAdjournment  
Reference: Supplemental Reports
#TimeSubmitterTypePresenterAgenda ItemSupporting Documents
501 --- MGA ARCReportJohnsonMGA ARC Report to MGA Board
  1. MGA ARC Report
502 --- _ReportJohnsonIEEE Awards Board Report to BoD - November 2016
  1. IEEE Awards Board Report
503 --- MGA ARCInfoJohnsonSection Anniversaries 2017
  1. Section Anniversaries 2017

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