IEEE Computer Society MGAB Meeting

Final Agenda Approval: 01 February 2017
Anaheim California
Sheraton Park Hotel

01 February 2017

Action Agenda
#TimeSubmitterTypePresenterAgenda ItemSupporting Documents
108:30CS MGABProceduralMetraWelcome
  1. MGA Presentation
208:35CS MGABReportBerkowitzMembership Update
  1. Membership Update
308:55CS MGABReportMetra2017 Priorities  
409:00CS MGABDiscussionAll2017 Priorities Implementation  
509:00CS MGABDiscussionAllStrengthen the Connection Between Chapters' Chairs and MGA
  1. Sections Congress PIF
  2. Sections Congress Proposal
  3. GUAC Update
609:50CS MGABProceduralMetraBreak  
710:10CS MGABDiscussionAllIncrease the Connection Among Professional Section Chapters and Student Branch Chapters  
811:00CS MGABDiscussionAllDefine/Revise Function of Chapter  
911:30CS MGABDiscussionAllIncrease Membership  
1012:00CS MGABProceduralMetraLunch  
1113:25CS MGABDiscussionPeterCurrent Status and Procedures for MGA Award
  1. ARC Presentation
1213:55CS MGABDiscussionAllImprove and enhance the MGA Awards and Scholarship Programs  
1314:25CS MGABDiscussionCarlosCurrent Status of STCs
  1. STC Update
1414:55CS MGABDiscussionGaudiot/KasaharaStrengthen the Connection Between Chapters and STCs  
1515:25CS MGABProceduralMetraBreak  
1615:45CS MGABDiscussionAllExtend, Strengthen and Enhance the CS Distinguished Visitor Program  
1716:45CS MGABProceduralMetraConclusions  
1817:00CS MGABProceduralMetraAdjourn  

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CS MGABComputer Society Member & Geographic Activities Board
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