MGA Strategic Direction and Environmental Assessment Committee Meeting

Final Agenda Approval: 29 April 2017
Roma Italy
Sheraton Parco De' Medici Rome Hotel

29 April 2017
8:30am - 5pm

Action Agenda
#TimeSubmitterTypePresenterAgenda ItemSupporting Documents
108:30MGA SDEAInfoPolavarapu/JankowskiWelcome and Administrative Items  
208:40MGA SDEAInfoAllIntroductions
  1. Committee Roster
308:50MGA SDEAInfoPolavarapuAgenda Review and Expectations for Outcomes  
409:05MGA SDEADiscussionAllCommittee Re-charter Discussion
  1. IEEE Strategic Plan
  2. IEEE Initiatives and OU Activities
  3. MGA Strategic Planning
510:05MGA SDEAInfoMorning Break  
610:20MGA SDEADiscussionPolavarapuEnvironmental Scan Update
  1. Trends to watch for IEEE
  2. Underserved Communities
  3. Country by Country
  4. Segmentation Survey Analysis
711:05MGA SDEADiscussionTakatoshi Minami & Amit Kumar2016 MGA Initiative - Japan and India Activities
  1. MAW Kansai 2016
  2. Japan SYWL Workshop
  3. Career Dev Workshop
  4. WIE 2016 Events
  5. Kansai WIE 2016
  6. 2016 Japan Activities
  7. India 2016 Activities
812:00MGA SDEAInfoLunch  
913:00MGA SDEADiscussionPilar Molina Gaudo, Elyn Perez, Kuangyunn Chiu Japan and India Metrics  
1013:45MGA SDEADiscussionPolavarapu, Jankowski, PerezMember Dues Discount - Corporate  
1114:15MGA SDEADiscussionPerezMembership Collateral - Targeting Industry Professionals  
1214:35MGA SDEADiscussionPerezSmartTech Events - 2017 Status  
1314:55MGA SDEAInfoAfternoon Break  
1415:10MGA SDEADiscussionPolavarapu/JankowskiCorporate Membership Model  
1515:40MGA SDEADiscussionAllOpen Discussion  
1616:15MGA SDEADiscussionAllConclusions, Development of Action Items  
1717:00MGA SDEAProceduralPolavarapuAdjournment  

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