IEEE Publication Services and Products Board Meeting

Final Agenda Approval: 21 June 2019
Atlanta Georgia USA
Hilton Atlanta
Grand Ballroom West (2nd floor)
IEEE Publication Services and Products Board Meeting
Action Agenda
#TimeSubmitterTypePresenterAgenda ItemSupporting Documents
108:00IEEE PSPBProceduralKirkiciCall to Order (COMPLETED) 
208:05IEEE PSPBProceduralKirkiciRoll Call (COMPLETED)
  1. Attendance Sheet - Regular Session
308:15IEEE PSPBMotionKirkiciApproval of Meeting Agenda (COMPLETED) 
408:20IEEE PSPBMotionKirkiciApproval of 15 February 2019 PSPB Meeting Minutes -- Public session (COMPLETED)
  1. Approved Feb 2019 PSPB Public Session Minutes (Ver 2)
508:25IEEE PSPBMotionKirkiciApproval of 15 February 2019 PSPB Meeting Minutes -- Executive Session (COMPLETED) 
608:30IEEE PSPBReportKirkiciReport from PSPB Chair (COMPLETED)
  1. PSPB VP's Report
709:00PSPB NAExecutive SessionEl-Ghazaly*Executive Session*
PSPB Nominations & Appointments Committee

Chair's Report:
- Motion to Endorse 2020 Vice President Pubs/PSPB Chair Candidates
- Motion to Elect 3 PSPB Members-at-Large 2020-2022 and 3 Alternates 2020

Part I: Candidate presentations and Q&A (COMPLETED)
  1. N&A Chair's Report June 2019
  2. 2020 IEEE PSPB Vice President Bios
  3. PSPB MAL 2020-2022 Candidate Bios
811:00IEEE PSPBProceduralAllBreak (COMPLETED) 
911:15PSPB NAExecutive SessionEl-Ghazaly*Executive Session*
PSPB Nominations & Appointments Committee

Part II: Discussion of candidates and voting (COMPLETED)
1012:00IEEE PSPBProceduralAllLunch (COMPLETED) 
1112:45PSPB SPCReportMontuschi/BaillieulSPC Chair's Report; TAB-PSPB Publishing Strategy Ad Hoc Co-chair's Report (COMPLETED)
  1. TAB-PSPB Shared Ad Hoc on Publishing Strategy
  2. SPC Chair's Report
  3. TAB-PSPB Shared Ad Hoc: Draft Pubs Strategy Document
1213:15IEEE BoDReportMoura/WelbyUS Export Control Requirements and Recent Events (COMPLETED)
  1. Impact of US Trade Regulations
1313:45PSPB NAReportEl-Ghazaly/KirkiciN&A: Announcement of Voting Results (COMPLETED) 
1413:50PSPB Adhoc OpsMotionYurkovichDocument Working Group Chair's Report (COMPLETED)
  1. DWG Chair's Report: Steve Yurkovich
  2. Editorial Board Charters Discussion
  3. N&A Process Discussion
  4. Proposal_OpsMan Sec. 2.1.1 Resolving Ambiguity
  5. Proposal_OpsMan Sec. 4.1 PSPB Committees
  6. Proposal_OpsMan Sec. 4.1.4 OpCom Charter
  7. Proposal_OpsMan Sec. 8.2.2.A.3 Prescreening
  8. Proposal_OpsMan Sec. 8.2.2 Review Process_NEW DISCUSSION
1515:05IEEE PSPBProceduralAllBreak (COMPLETED) 
1615:15TAB_PSPB PSCMotionVig*Executive Session*
PSC Chair's Report (COMPLETED)
1715:45IEEE EABReportCorazzaIEEE Learning Network (COMPLETED)
  1. IEEE Learning Network
1815:55PSPB FINMotionHall/TuohyTreasurer's Report: Approval of 2020 Publishing Rates (COMPLETED)
  1. Treasurer's Report (Short version)
1916:40IEEE PSPBReportHasslerIEEE Spectrum Report (COMPLETED)
  1. Report - Editor-in-Chief Susan Hassler
2016:55IEEE PressReportHossain/DamleIEEE Press Report (POSTPONED)
  1. Report: IEEE Press
2117:10TAB PCReportLuhTAB Periodicals Committee Chair's Report (COMPLETED)
  1. PerCom Chair's Report
2217:25IEEE CCExecutive SessionZhao*Executive Session*
IEEE Conferences Committee Chair's Report (COMPLETED)
2317:40IEEE PSPBProceduralKirkiciNew Business (COMPLETED) 
2417:45IEEE PSPBProceduralKirkiciOld Business (COMPLETED) 
2517:50IEEE PSPBProceduralKirkiciAnnounce Date and Location of Next PSPB Meeting:
22 November 2019
Westin Boston Waterfront Hotel
2617:55IEEE PSPBProceduralKirkiciAdjourn (COMPLETED) 
2718:00IEEE PSPBInfoKirkiciApproval of PSPB Public Session Minutes (21 June 2019)  
2818:05IEEE PSPBMotionKirkiciApproval of PSPB Executive Session Minutes (21 June 2019)  
2918:10PSPB NAExecutive SessionKirkici*Executive Session*
PSPB Nominations & Appointments Committee Chair's Report

Part II: Discussion of candidates, followed by commencement of 24-hour online voting window
Reference: Reports from Representatives
#TimeSubmitterTypePresenterAgenda ItemSupporting Documents
401 --- PSPB INSTInfoPretzThe Institute: Editorial Board Report
  1. The Institute - Editorial Board Report
402 --- IEEE TherusReportReillyIEEE Thesaurus - Editorial Board Report
  1. IEEE Thesaurus - Editorial Board Report
403 --- IEEE PressReportHossainIEEE Press EiC's Report
  1. IEEE Press EiC's Report
404 --- IEEE AccessReportAbbottReport of the Editor of IEEE Access to the IEEE Publication Services and Products Board
  1. IEEE Access Report for PSPB
405 --- PSPB PROCReportSettiReport of the Editor-in-Chief, PROCEEDINGS of the IEEE
  1. Report of the Editor-in-Chief, PROCEEDINGS of the IEEE
Reference: Supplemental Reports
#TimeSubmitterTypePresenterAgenda ItemSupporting Documents
501 --- IEEE PSPBInfoKirkiciBasic Parliamentary Rules
  1. Robert's Rules of Order
502 --- IEEE PSPBReportYurkovich/MorleyPSPB Operations Manual Amended 16 November 2018
  1. PSPB Operations Manual
503 --- IEEE PSPBInfoAngso/MacPhersonConcur Volunteer Expense Reimbursement Tool
  1. Concur Financial Reporting Tool
  2. Concur Guide for PSPB Attendees - June 2019
504 --- IEEE USABInfoRandallIEEE-USA's Mobile Operations Vehicle (MOVE)
  1. MOVE Tours June 2019
505 --- IEEE PressReportDamleIEEE Press 5-Year Review
  1. IEEE Press 5-Yr Review - 2019

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Agenda Sections
199Action Agenda
299Consent Agenda
399 Reference:Committee / Forum Reports
499 Reference:Reports from Representatives
599 Reference:Supplemental Reports
Submitter (column 3 of agenda)
IEEE AccessIEEE Access Editorial Board
IEEE BoDIEEE Board of Directors
IEEE CCIEEE Conference Committee
IEEE EABIEEE Eductional Activities Board
IEEE PSPBIEEE Publication Services and Products Board
IEEE PressIEEE Press Editorial Board
IEEE TherusIEEE Thesaurus Editorial Board
PSPB Adhoc OpsPSPB Adhoc Committee on PSPB Operations Manual
PSPB FINPSPB Finance Committee
PSPB INSTInstitute Editorial Advisory Board
PSPB NAPSPB Nominations and Appointments Committee
PSPB PROCProceedings of the IEEE Editorial Board
PSPB SPCPSPB Strategic Planning Committee
TAB PCTAB Periodicals Committee
TAB_PSPB PSCTAB PSPB Products and Services Committee
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