2017 EDS Governance Meeting

Final Agenda Approval: 21 May 2017
Kerala Kochi India
Crowne Plaza Kochi

20-21 May 2017

Action Agenda
#TimeSubmitterTypePresenterAgenda ItemSupporting Documents
109:00_ReportSamar K SahaWelcome and President's report  
209:00_MotionSamar K SahaTo approve 2017 appointments
*Voting on via Email
309:25_ReportFernando GuarinExCom Meeting Review  
409:25_MotionFernando GuarinTo approve for all EDS elected and appointed positions, a given individual shall not serve a total of more than two-terms in a given position
509:25_MotionFernando GuarinTo approve the termination of EDS pilot-election of one BoG member-at-large per year by vote of the general membership
609:25_MotionFernando GuarinTo approve 2018 mid-year BoG meeting location/dates
*Voting on via Email
709:40_ReportSimon DeleonibusSecretary's Report
809:40_MotionSimon DeleonibusTo approve the December 2016 EDS meeting minutes
*Voting on via Email
909:50_ReportCarmen LillyNewsletter update  
1010:05_ReportCary YangBylaws and Constitution Ad Hoc Committee Report  
1110:15_ReportT. L. RenMembership & Services Update  
1310:45_ReportSubu IyerTreasurer's Report  
1410:45_MotionSubu IyerPublication page pricing
*Voting on via Email
1510:45_MotionSubu IyerMember dues
*Voting on via Email
1610:45_MotionSubu IyerPage counts
*Voting on via Email
1711:05_ReportJim SkowrenskiEDS Office finances & expenses update  
1811:15_ReportRavi TodiTechnical Committees and meetings update  
1911:35_ReportHisayo MomosePublications and Products committee update  
2113:30_ReportMK RadhakrishnanRegions and Chapters update & RC Charter to include procedures for new Chapter formation and Chapters revival  
2213:50_ReportMansun ChanEducation update  
2314:05_ReportDaniel CamachoYoung Professionals update  
2414:15_InfoAlbert WangAwards & Nominations and Elections update  
2514:30_ReportPaul YuFellow Evaluation Committee udpate  
2715:00_DiscussionAllOpen Forum Discussions: Summary of EDS 5-year strategy plans meeting; EDS Future Direction initiatives; Miscellaneous  
2816:00_ProceduralSamar K SahaMeeting Adjournment  

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